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Fix Slow Running Computer – Things To Look For and Do.

Updated on December 27, 2013

I need to Fix Slow Running Computer, you scream, as you pound your keyboard. And that is very understandable. Because, whatever you use your computer for (work, homework or play) you need it to run fast. If it can not perform as fast as you can read or type then you need to fix your slow running computer.

Before you can fix a slow running computer you need to determine exactly what is running slow. Then you will know what steps to take to improve the performance.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Has your computer always run slow?
  • Did it suddenly slow down?
  • Or, has it gradually slowed down over time?
  • Does it only get slower when you are on the web?
  • Is it extremely slow just when you are playing games?
  • Does it just slow down as the day goes on?
  • How about only when you are on a wireless connection?
  • Is startup and shutdown slow?

By thinking about exactly when your computer is slow you can narrow down your problem and this will make it easier to decide what it is that will fix your slow running computer.

For a computer that has always been slow you may simply have not bought a PC or laptop with a fast enough processor to meet your needs to begin with.

Computers that are slow when playing games may need a faster graphics card or additional computer memory.

If you find that your computer is really slow when you are surfing the net, then you probably need a faster internet service provider. Shop around and compare speeds and prices of other internet service providers in your area. You could be surprised at the deals you can find.

A wireless router may be a way to fix slow running computer when your system is only slow while using your wireless connection. I have a friend who had a really fast speed while direct connected to her internet service but very slow when she was connected through her wireless connection. She upgraded her wireless router and got a much faster speed.

If you once had a fast connection through your service provider it may be that something happened with your service provider that has caused your speed to drop.  I have a neighbor who had a really fast DSL connection but then a tree fell on the line and after the line was repaired their internet connection speed was never the same.  They finally just changed providers.

If your computer becomes suddenly slow you may have picked up a virus and cleaning your registry may be the solution. There are several free registry cleaners on the market you can use.

A computer that has gotten slower and slower over time and use, probably has picked up malware/adware/spyware type problems.

As you view different sites on the net, adware/spyware programs on these sites add small files to your computer's hard drive without you knowing it which allows the publisher of the adware/spyware to snoop on your browsing activity. Your personal information that they collect via these small files is then sold to other third party advertisers. These malicious little files slow down your computer, take up your hard drive space and invade your privacy. So you need to clean your computer of these files on a regular basis.

I not only protect my computer with anti-virus software, I clean it quite frequently with adware/spyware remover software, because these little malicious files are being added daily as you surf the net.

You can discover if your computer is infected with adware/spyware culprits by running the Free Scan offered at: NoAdWare . Check It Out.

A computer that seems to get slower as you use it each day, may not have enough memory to support all the windows that you keep open and running at one time. Try to close applications when they are not in use and re-open them later when you need them again. If this seems to work for you to speed up your computer, then add more memory to your machine.

Everything we purchase requires us to spend time maintaining it. The same is true for your laptop or computer. My friend always says ‘Do you practice safe computing?'. What he means is are you running a good anti-virus protection software and do you keep your computer free of adware, malware and spyware.

Everyone needs to practice ‘safe computing' even if you upgrade your computer to get a faster processor or more memory.

Hope these tips will help fix slow running computer for you.

Fix Your Slow Laptop


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