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Fixing CRC error in an RAR file

Updated on January 8, 2014


As the technology enhanced, a simple file takes a large amount of disk space on a computer. So we need a tool to reduce the size of a file without affecting its quality while storing it in a secondary storage. An RAR File (stands for Roshal Archive) is used to compress multiple files or folders on a computer system to save disk space. RAR files can be created with any commercial softwares like WinRAR, RAR, etc. In addition, when we want to access the compressed files, these softwares can decompress or extract an RAR archive.

Problem Statement and Reasons

But there is a common problem with RAR File Format that while extracting files using any extracting tool like WinRAR, it generates a CRC Error so that users cannot access any of the file which are compressed in the RAR File. CRC error means that the disk has failed to perform Cyclic Redundancy Check. The main logic behind it is that there is a rotating checksum for each and every byte, when that checksum doesn’t match up because of any reason then this CRC message will pop up, and it will restrict the unzipping process of RAR files. While moving data, some noise might be added with code bits that leads to CRC errors. In addition, there may be various reasons for the problem:

  • Virus infection on the RAR file
  • Where the RAR file exists on hard disk contains bad sectors
  • While creating RAR file, power failure occurs
  • Corruption of RAR file due to recovery tool
  • File system corruption can cause inaccessibility of RAR file
  • While compressing several files to reduce file size using WinRAR, error occurred can cause damage and inaccessibility to files


There is a solution to fix CRC error using WinRAR tool:

  1. In the main RAR window when originally clicking the RAR file, click on "Extract To"
  2. Under Miscellaneous, check "Keep Broken Files" , Choose whatever folder on your computer you would like to extract the file into, then click OK
  3. During the extraction process, you will have the CRC errors pop up. Just click on "Close" every time it pops up

It will successfully extract the file into your folder and will be ready to be used. But it doesn’t guarantee that it will fix all the CRC errors. If it fails then you will have to use powerful RAR repairing software.

RegHunter RAR repair tool is one of the best RAR recovery software in the world. It easily removes the CRC errors and eliminate all kinds of errors found in an RAR achieve. It is definitely the right software to repair your corrupt RAR achieve. It easily repairs corrupted or inaccessible RAR archives using advanced built-in algorithms. Password protected and large size RAR files can be repaired and recovered without any difficulty.

Features of RegHunter RAR Repair Tool

  • Quick installation
  • Fast repairing procedure
  • The software repairs corrupt or inaccessible RAR archive due to CRC error, download error, virus infection etc.
  • The software repairs password protected RAR archives
  • It repairs large size corrupted RAR archives
  • The algorithm used to build the software is very powerful so it can repair and recover efficiently
  • The GUI of the software provides an efficient interface to keep track of the repair process.


CRC error in an RAR file is caused by improper installing procedure. CRC error in RAR files denies a user access to the compressed files. To view the files, you have to fix the CRC error with the help of RAR file repair tools. RegHunter RAR repair tool provides an efficient and effective way for eliminating CRC error in RAR file by providing a strong algorithm. The application algorithms check each and every byte for cyclic redundancy. The cause of such error is identified and resolved within the least possible time. It repairs all versions of RAR archives. It is a handy repair application which can be used by even one who has no technical knowledge. It is a virus free tool and hence guarantees safety of your data. It deals with the repair of RAR files from all versions of Windows operating system.

Summary of Scan

Screen Shots of RegHunter

The number describes what the component do

1 – Describes each individual error

2 – Identifies the affected registry key

3 – Registry value name

4 – Problem type

5 – Repair solution

6 – Grouping of detected error by category

8 – All errors

9 – Repair button


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    • profile image

      Kordell Stewart 3 years ago

      Remo RAR repair software is also one of the prominent tools available in market, I have already tried this application once, it’s really very amazing tool to fix CRC error in a RAR file.

    • profile image

      FreddiJoyce 4 years ago

      Otherwise, if built-in winrar restoration wasn't be effective, you may look for a third-party recovery software, I would recommend you RAR Repair Toolbox from

      It will help you recover your maximum possible data from corrupt .rar archives. Other than recovery of corrupt .rar archives, it also supports recovery of corrupt .zip, .tar, .tar.gz and .7z archive.

    • profile image

      Me 4 years ago

      Guide is alright except it doesn't work.

      As for RegHunter, there isn't any option to repair RAR, it is purely for repairing registry issues but compared to the likes of Tuneup Utilities it pales in comparison.

      If it does have the ability to repair RAR files then it eludes me and if the writer of this article knows for sure that it does repair RAR CRC errors then it would be most helpful for it to be explained in full detail.


    • profile image

      hhh 4 years ago

      this error comes when my game complete 99 percent as it goes to 100 then this err shows up