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Flagged Content & Flagged Youtube Videos

Updated on May 12, 2011

Flagging Content

Tonight I wanted to talk about a subject that affects a large majority of us and that is flagging, I just wanted to discuss the reasons content gets flagged and those who have a total disregard for the rules and those who make accidental mistakes.

Since I have been on Hubpages I have only had 3 hubs flagged, 2 of which I have been able to re-edit and 1 which I decided to delete, I think this is not a bad record since I have been here 15 months and I always try to keep in line by contacting Hubpages to help me correct the problem.

The main reasons these hubs were flagged was because I either included a dodgy Amazon capsule with sexually suggestive product by mistake or I wrote about an intimate encounter and didn't realise I was being a little too descriptive. I think this is a common problem amongst hubbers who just generally forget that its not just us adults who could read this but also families with children.

I respect this rule but I do remember one hubber who insisted on republishing hubs showing women's butts and it is a shame because he was an entertaining writer but he is an example where it turned out bad and he was banned.

Inappropriate Content

I think Hubpages are very fair when they alert you that you have made a mistake by including lewd content, deceptive tags or something else which could jepardise your Adsense account because we are only human and can sometimes make errors in judgement.

It is similar to a soccer game where if you receive a yellow card once in the 90 minutes and make repeated offences by failing to recognise your wrongs you'll get a red card and be sent off!

Flagged Youtube

I use Youtube regularly and have an account there, I failed to understand which so many broadcasters are complaining about getting their Youtube flagged because the rules are actually very lax over there. On Youtube you can curse in videos and sexually suggestive content is allowed but users have to be signed in to view it, we are lucky that Hubpages honours its social responsibility because somebody has to look out for the teenagers.

An example of other peoples outrage at Youtube's lack of content monitoring can be seen in the video below which is a clever attempt and gaining their attention.

Flag Content

Remember, you cannot rely on others to set an example for you as to what is right to publish and don't think that just because someone else has written something that it is in line with the terms of service. You need to constantly scan over your hubs and ask questions in the forum to ensure you aren't crossing any boundaries, if you enjoy reading other peoples writing you can use the 'Hub Hopper' tool in your account tab and if you see anything you think its blatantly wrong then 'Flag Content!'


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