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Wix drag & drop flash editor Web design

Updated on March 3, 2014

Wix Logo - Flash Editor Tool


Web Development Today

Flash technology has both been a benefit as well as a deterrent to most web developers looking for a better alternative towards web design overall.

Graphical displays have always appealed to the human eye in many differing ways, especially when it comes to showcasing images of art, nature, people, places, & most important physical tapestry of visible contours.

Web developers have learned to display the most profound looking imagery, in ways never imagined across the inner walls of this digital arena they call the Web. In recent years though there's been huge changes developing in how they all go about implementing such design skills, also requiring an all intrusive active eye on what looks best to the average or passive observer.

The Creative Commons License

Leanr about this bad boy for usage of images. The Creative Commons is your virtual doorway to using legal images for all sorts of content creative usages.
Leanr about this bad boy for usage of images. The Creative Commons is your virtual doorway to using legal images for all sorts of content creative usages. | Source

Flash Web Editor

Flash web design has entered the digital game, at a time when the Internet has received huge accolades, and global attention in dealing with it's attractive elements as well as it's physical restructuring for worldwide usage. Ever since computer companies decided to develop much more powerful computer systems many people have been at the receiving end of unimaginable proportions, especially web developers that could manage to attract huge crowds & financing from outside sources. Since these newer much more advanced machines are definitely helping people either work smarter, or have a greater usage based on the changes to hardware & software.

The main focal point truly became on technical performance of these computers to store larger hard drive space, huge increases in memory, far better screen resolution including 3D graphical enhancements, flat screens displays, & an assortment of peripheral devices that compliment these newer upgrades. With these new advancements being a reality of today, so to was the changes to come in how people can implement display functionality & now the web has taken an entirely new structure altogether with Flash web design entering the arena.

The fusion between the newly found powers of cloud computing has allowed for flash web development to take off in such a way, that millions of average people are now currently in the race to bring out the best designs they can muster up. You no longer have to be a computer programmer, graphic design specialist, or traditional html/css/php coding guru. Today there is a such thing as the Drag & Drop web developer. Amazing as it may be it all works similar to how Hubpages works, that's if your an actual author of these Hugpages and have experience with trying to implement your content onto the pages.

Webs has Facebook connect

Web design Tools

The first instrument for drag & drop I personally discovered was called Webs. Webs is a sort of social network drag & drop website development tool. It's devoted to making it simple for any user at any level to utilize it's cloud computing network to implement unique template controlled web designs. This site is definitely one of my favorite's, due to the high level of organization one may achieve if they learn the inner workings of the admin tooling built in.

It has many features such as facebook integration, audio/video app's, members sections for social interaction, and a vast amount of tools to integrate with including HTML widget capabilities & CSS advanced tooling if needed. This web developers tool is also capable of providing users with domain ownership, professional email, huge server bandwidth & massive spacing. The usage of these options depends on the user of course, and how much they require for the development projects they choose to display.

* Above on the right is an intro video to using Webs Facebook connect

Depending on your needs Flash web design can help


Benefits of using Flash

The benefits of this Wix flash editor far exceeds any dis-advantages of using such a design tool. The top number one reason I love flash web design is, it's fun. The amount of time a person may invest into such a venture cannot be determined due to the fact that it may depend on the level of the users prior knowledge, resources & skills they currently have at their disposal or previously have had before running into drag & drop techniques.

One thing for sure if you have a slight idea of how to utilize a mouse, & the curiosity to try everything your mouse runs into, then Wix will be a fascinating experience for you. Another reason why flash web design is a great choice for site development is, because it's new, it hasn't been fully worked out, & there's unlimited potential for those who discover it's existence & usage.

The graphics interface is easy to interact with and is user friendly with cool interactive menu's & tutorials to lead the way. When it comes to displaying smart interactive imaging, flash is by far the best in it's class of digital displays.

Wix - Intro

The next design tool I will be introducing here is Wix. Wix is a flash web design editor tool, that allows users to obtain the most powerful drag & drop tools in web design history. There's pluses to using Wix & there's minuses. Lets start with the minuses, well the main issues dealing with flash design today is the fact that not all devices are compatible with flash. The other issue is a major one, and that's the fact that flash content takes a great deal of computing resources to actually function well.

Your computer system must be fully optimized in every way, in order to receive the full usage, speed of rendering, & special effects that flash is capable of displaying to the user via web browser. Your web browser must also be fully optimized as well as have the latest adobe flash updates. Flash may cause browsers to overload at times, but with the usage of flash sites which are awesome in functionality it may count for a worth while user experience.

Welcome to the virtual cyber space arena



There are many tutorials for the Wix editor to help get people started, it's intuitive and very easy to utilize. At first you will have to create a user account to access the Wix platform, once you get to the admin screens, you will notice there are many options to choose from. You will need to choose what type of template you would like to start off with, that also includes what type of website your attempting to get into development.

From the very start there are active icons, and screen tabs to help assist those in need of guidance through every step of the way towards gaining full access to the graphical flash editor screen. Once all the correct info is finally processed, the fun begins with your first introduction to using Wix.

You also have the options to take guided tours as to how it all works, I highly recommend that you fully utilize all tutorials lessons if you wanna fully understand the entire capabilities of such a powerful online web developers tool. This tool is far more then meets the eye, one may initially find things kinda difficult, because many of the on screen menu's for implementing your contents controls aren't totally visible.

Wix HTML 5

Learned Experience Helps - using Wix Drag & Drop

It takes some getting use to, to discover where the hidden features are located, for each application tooling & advanced user interface capabilities. For the most part it's fairly simple to get it all started though, once you get the hang of it, you won't wanna let go of the mouse. Dragging things into place on the screen & then seeing the results of your laboring is definitely a super rewarding experience. Many people pick up quickly on how to work the flash tooling of the editor, especially with the usage of the mini-page, which allows for hidden pages to be built within a single web page. Powerful imaging tools, & audio/video rendering software also goes into the inner workings of this editor.

To become a real force to contend with in the flash web development industry you truly need to become familiar with such things as SEO, Social networking tools & forming team collaborations, Usage of HTML widgets from third party websites (such as youtube). Understand & fully comprehend the uses of url's, meta tags, key words, and a host of many graphic design tools that can help enhance the digital effects of your images or other content being submitted.

Think before entering into such a development & try to layout your design either on paper or other format to get an idea of how you want to make your flash web design function, messages to display & visual appeal to the audience. This may help save you much needed time on making possible design errors of epic proportions, because if you decide to make this project live to the rest of the world, expect feedback like no other.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Yes Wix is awesome and actually helps me design cool graphics, images, and much more, I use it for all my digital needs. thanks for dropping by @ Pinkchick, glad to hear that you liked using Wix.

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

      I've built a site with Wix before, and it was very easy. Their templates and layouts are simple yet professional. I liked it! Great hub, it's always nice to share things that work well.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Pearl, I will try to get others to learn of this new drag & drop flash thing known as Wix, because its simple to use & fun.

    • pearlmacb profile image

      pearlmacb 6 years ago from Switzerland

      Hi CloudExplorer, very informative hub. Im glad you have written about Wix, and the benefits of using flash!! I have created one of my own sites thru Wix, it really was as simple as drag and drop, and everyone rekons It looks so flashy!! Kool XD Look forward reading more of you webbased stuff.