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Flightradar24 Android app

Updated on January 2, 2015

Turn your android phone into an Air Traffic Radar

Flightradar24 is the number one travel app in more than 140 nations. It can turn your android phone into an Air Traffic Radar. It is developed by Flightradar24 AB.

With this app checkout flights around the world in real time on a well detailed map. Individual flights can be searched using flight number, airport, or airline. This app requires minimum screen resolution of 320x480px.

Flightradar24 Android app


Features of FlightRadar24

The features of this app is numerous. The complete flight and aircraft information can be obtained from Flightradar24 such as:

  • Route of the flight
  • Estimated time of arrival of flight
  • Actual time of departure of flight
  • Aircraft type - detailed results
  • Speed, Altitude and high-resolution pictures - Really awesome
  • Get real-time status updates for flights
  • Current airport weather conditions of any major airport - If flight cancelled due to to any bad weather conditions or not
  • Custom alerts can be setup based on airline, aircraft type or flight number

Flightradar24 Android app


How FlightRadar24 Works?

FlightRadar24 pulls in open data from air traffic control departments all over the world. It lists the details of local flights too. App uses Android's positioning tools to work out.

If pointed your phone at the sky you could get flight details pinged straight back. The user can experience what the pilot of an aircraft sees in real-time and in 3D.

How FlightRadar24 App Works - Watch Video

Coverage of Flight Radar 24

In Europe and North America the app has 100% coverage. To checkout full coverage details visit the website of flightradar24. Apart from America and Europe, more than 50% coverage could be expected.

Flight Radar 24 App Review

Point your phone at sky - Rest will be done by FlightRadar24


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