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Foldable Computer Keyboard

Updated on January 5, 2011

This is an all-around hub that has everything you need to know about foldable computer keyboards including the most popular available products at great deals. Feel free to read on and I hope this article can aid in your quest, or simply provide you with pertinent, useful information.

What are foldable computer keyboards?

Let’s first start with the simplest question: What are foldable computer keyboards? The answer, I know, is very obvious, but there’s more to it that what’s already stated in the product niche category. A folding keyboard can very well be one of those odd-looking silicone keyboards that are better described as flexible rather than foldable.

A folding keyboard is also sometimes a mobile gadget rather than something that tries to be too fancy. Yes, these keyboards have lots of uses, and some are not that obvious to begin with. So, let’s start discussing said usefulness below.

Why do I need one?

I got the idea to write this hub after watching a rerun of Live Free or Die Hard, or quite simply, the fourth one. If you do not know what I’m talking about, or have not seen the film, there’s a part in the movie where Justin Long’s character tried to “hack” a system on-location. I thought to myself, yes, if you need something done quick on a computer, you would need a keyboard and you would need something that you are familiar with.

That being said, the first point I am trying to get out there is simple. For people who are always on the go, or if your job requires you to access different people’s computers on a daily basis (say, a repairman), you’d have much use for a personal folding keyboard. Not all keyboards are exactly the same and using someone else’s is like driving a different car—you know the basics but you’d still need to get used to it.

The next use I want to point out has something to do with the advent of space age-like touchscreen technology. How many times have you seen people tough ghost letters trying to type on iPad like devices? Have you tried doing that on your own? It feels stupid and takes a lot of getting used to. Touchscreen tablets are coming to a point of being complete-function computers, so we will surely be seeing more of these in the future. If you plan on doing work on these, you’d benefit a lot from having a compact keyboard that unfolds to a full-size one. Plus, nothing beats typing on the classic, protruding, pressable keys.

Because these silicone keyboards are literally like jelly, you can fold them any which way you want until it fits whatever small compartment you have left in your bag. Hooking these up is done via simple USB connection, and you’re good to go.

Talking about silicone reminded me of another semi not-so-important use. These keyboards are virtually waterproof because they are sealed. If you love eating and drinking whilst working, this may just be the keyboard for you. Anyway, go ahead and check out some product deals below and good luck with your quest.

By the way, there are also those traditional folding keyboards—those that literally fold in half or three ways—but I think about the classic Palm Pilot when I imagine those. I think there are still some available for use with more modern devices. Check below.


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