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Food Packaging Workshop has organized by IIP

Updated on August 20, 2015

IIP has conducted a workshop on processed and fresh food packaging in Kerala at “The Residency Tower” hotel situated at Trivandrum on 7th August. This one day workshop has facilitated the micro, cottage, medium and small entrepreneurs across the nation. This workshop contributed extensive value to all sectors associated with food packaging industry. This course was particularly designed to discuss packaging principles and concepts which mainly control the industry. The workshop has also covered advancements in some of the main points in packaging technology.

The program was distributed into theoretical part and practical part. In the second part, demonstration was given on machineries used for processed and fresh food products packaging. This part also helped the participants to get hands on experience in packaging of processed and fresh food products.

Chief Guest for this workshop was P H Kurien, principal secretary of Industries and Information Technology department of Kerala.

Dr M R Manikantan of ICAR, Kerala gave a brief description on functional components of packaging elements and requirements of processed and fresh food products. R Kolappan and T Sreedath, Assisant Directors of Indian Institute of Packaging also gave speeches on processing technology and assessment of packaging elements for food in this workshop.

The hands on session on vacuum packaging and flexible laminates was also demonstrated in the later part of the program.

Participants also had the opportunity to plan advancements in their personal packaging structures as seniors from IIP and industry veterans were present in the program to help them out.

Almost all share holders associated with food packaging industry attended this workshop as it was an expertise sharing event for all involved in this industry. Across the globe the estimation of packaging industry is worth USD 750 billion. With an estimation of USD25 billion, India stands at 13th position under the intake capacity and 2nd under the improvement rate. India is at the verge of expedite its advancement in packaging industry of which 65% is acquired by the food packaging industry.


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