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Electromagnetic ForceField Protection Developed and Invisible Tanks

Updated on February 19, 2011

Force Fields and Invisible Tanks

Force Fields and Cloaks of Invisibility Finally a Reality!

At last force fields and invisibility cloaks are on the way ! Every science fiction fan knows that force fields are what protect you from plasma rockets or torpedoes (or whatever they are called). But now science fact is finally catching up with force field science fiction, in yet another development inspired by Star Trek (body scanners are a direct result of Star Trek inspiration along with many other cool devices). Anyway the British Army is currently developing force field technology to protect its armoured vehicles from anti-tank rockets. At the moment, tanks are protected by thick metal and explosive reactive charges which detonate and send the epxlosive force outwards before a RPG can send its explosive force inwards. This protection does however make tanks very heavy.

The Army is also developing a new technology known as "e-camouflage" which uses a form "electronic ink" to make a vehicle "invisible".  Electronic sensors are attached to the vehicle's hull and project images of the surroundings back onto the outside of the vehicle so that it merges into the landscape in much the same way that a squid uses ink to help as a disguise or a chameleon takes on the same colours as its surroundings.

The UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph has reported that scientists at the British Defence Science and Technology Laboratory have, however, now devised a supercharged electromagnetic field that will repulse attacks on tanks and other armoured vehicles.

Almost Invisible Feline Force Field

I Has A Force Field
I Has A Force Field

 The force field is created by super capacitors in the armour of the vehicles. These supercapacitors store massive amounts of energy, that are then deployed if an incoming threat is detected. The energy in the supercapacitor is rapidly transmitted to the metal plating on the outside of the vehicle, producing a strong electromagnetic field. The force field thus produced can deflect anything up to small missiles, and also recharges quickly to deflect the next attack.

Professor Bryn James of the Science and Technology Lab said that as a result, combat vehicles would be better protected and would not need so much heavy armour.

The electromagnetic field only lasts a fraction of a second, so it needs to be used at exactly the right moment. The vehicle will therefore require an advanced tracking system to determine with aboslute accuracy the exact moment the force field needs to be switched on.

Prof. James said: "The supercapacitor material can be charged up and then discharged in one powerful event to repel incoming fire. You would think this would require huge amounts of energy, but ... it can be done with surprisingly small amounts of electrical power. Conventional armour is just a lump of metal but an RPG round can punch through more than a foot of steel. Carrying around enough armour to protect against that is extremely heavy. The real advantage to the electric armour is how light it can be by comparison."

The comparatively lightweight electric armo could be used to protect the outer shell of a vehicle by using a flexible cloth-like supercapacitor material, which can be used to create a lining beneath the armor that transforms the vehicle into a giant battery pack.


Force Fields - What do You Think ?

Are force fields 'cheating' ?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That kid is right a rail gun that shoots an aluminum slug with an electro-magnetic charge will shoot faster than any powder shot bullet. The ray gun is also a possiblity, the Army currently is developing and have working models for a potential deterrant to illegal immigration. The ray gun just uses microwave rays to essentially screw with your nerves and gives any living thing in front of it a feeling of being boiled on the outside. As soon as one steps out of the beam path the subject feels almost instantly fine. I feel in the next thirty years you will see ray guns, rail guns rifle size, and sonic guns being used instead of convential powder based gun technology. These forms of guns, accept rail guns, will be used more because they do not necessarily have to be used to kill, but to stun or immobilize targets. Also there are certain frequencies that will break whatever object's molecules are vibrating at, this could be used to basically explode a person, even a microwave beam will do the same thing at a high radiation level. And for the force fiel technology if one would use electro-magnetism to ionize and contain plasma one could make air as hard as diomonds.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I just have to say this; I'm sixteen and I just spent half of last week theorycrafting an electromagnetic force field that did exactly this, but for something along the lines of Iron Man. By the way, the issue of a power supply is solved by the problem: objects that travel through electromagnetic fields convert their own kinetic energy into electrical potential energy, which is why the supercapacitors are so invaluable. As the volts and amperes build up exponentially in the bullet as it gets closer to the center of the field, the capacitors, which have more charge and are closer than the ground, drain the bullet of electrical potential energy by arcing. Because the field requires relatively little energy, the remaining energy must be consumed, otherwise the capacitors are useless. There are three outputs that are pratically possible: stealthing, railgun projectiles (which would penetrate this field because of the charged nature), and resonating certain frequencies. The only one of these that could use description is the resonation. Nicola Tesla discovered that by emitting sound at an object's resonation frequency, the object will osillate until it breaks apart from the cummulative force. Why is this useful? Imagine that every time anyone but you shot a bullet, it would collapse on itself once it entered your force field, or potentially shatter inside the gun. By emitting the resonant frequency of your enemies ammunition at high amplitude it can make you nearly impervious.

      there's a storm i'll continue later.

    • Singular Investor profile imageAUTHOR

      Singular Investor 

      8 years ago from Oxford

      I would have thought some sort of energy based ray gun would be more effective than bullets for two reasons - 1) a lot of bullets miss their target and 2) you need a constant supply of more bullets, if you run out of bullets your gun is useless, whereas with some sort of ray gun then it could be useable more or less for an indefinite period, if they figured out how to provide a power supply. I'm sure that one day guns and bullets will go the same way as bows and arrows. I'm not an engineer or a scientist by they way, so I'm basically just thinking out loud.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Pretty sure that although Current ammunition i.e Bullets are "Old" they are still incredibly effective against good old humans, doesn't matter how old bullets are, they are still going to leave you bleeding and on deaths doorstep at the end of the day if get shot. I don't think the worlds governments really see a reason to "Upgrade" from Bullets. although this super capacitor idea isn't new it just couldn't be built in the past because of the lack of required technology. Its just a matter of time before they figure out how to turn it into a weapon.

    • Singular Investor profile imageAUTHOR

      Singular Investor 

      8 years ago from Oxford

      Hi Eovery - yes I think they probably are - so much technology is driven by the military, force fields seem like a logical step - I'm surprised they haven't got ray guns yet though, bullets seem so 'old' I would have though they could have come up with something more effective by now

    • eovery profile image


      8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      I think they may be onto something. It may develop into something over the next few years.

      Keep on hubbing!


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