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Fotolia Website Review

Updated on December 14, 2014

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Is free really free? Sometimes there is a catch to no charge images.

Whenever articles are being put together or arranged there is always a writer searching for visual enhancement. The visual portion of a piece of content is sometimes as important as the words which accompany it. With this in mind it is important to find a website which offers the best platform for this particular web category. There are tons around the web which advertise what they offer is exceptional, but how many really are. One of the most popular and lesser known is Fotolia.

This particular corporation delivers micro stock photography. Established in 2005 there are also office around the nation in Seattle, Washington, New York and even Paris, France. The site is advertised to provide royalty photos, videos, logos and vector graphs.

Although some of their stock is free of charge to use, others do have a cost. Pricing begins at 75 cents and they accept PayPal and Moneybookers. There is a pay per photo option or a subscription option. There are several sizes to every image. This accounts for some variation in pricing as well as the type or kind of visual image.

Payment buys credits and these are converted into a monetary form of purchasing pics or other images to use. Credits make it possible to download anything from the site to anywhere electronic info is stored. This includes online or offline.

The website

In order to access any of the inventories a reader must join up. They have over five million memberships. Professionals and amateurs alike use the database. The website states the Fotolia has more than 35 million royalty free stock photos on hand.

The site is very attractive and easy to navigate. One of the nicer things about the site is the classification of images into categories or concepts. For instance, a category is food and drink while a concept is lifestyle. This makes it easier to browse when a specific image is not readily in mind. Another interesting grouping includes textures and backgrounds.

There is a blog and a forum designed to permit members to interact with one another as well as staff. The blog is chocked full of Q and A for anyone not familiar with using Fotolia and the website has a more detailed FAQ link. There is a toll free number for live associate help as well. There are contest and games which also seek out more interaction from associates in the community.

Sell photos

Budding photographers searching for ways to make money are invited to join the site as well as anyone looking for images. In fact, they have online tools to upload making it easier to upload photos to the site. A detailed description of the rules and regulations are located online.

Anyone looking to sell is given the terms and conditions in detail as well as the rights and regulations tied to followers using the material. Files are able to be removed from their database at any time, but there is a penalty associated with this decision. Check out more comprehensive info at the site.

Earning through this program is done on a commission basis as well. Full details are outlined under the affiliate program area of the site. One of the nicer features is no application process exists.

The company has been online since 2004 and had several changes since the founders established the photo site. The company was originally sold by the founders in 2010 to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts for $150 million. Adobe bought the business in December of 2014 for an undisclosed whopping amount of money.

Vectors are excellent tools for design inspiration

Affiliate program

An affiliate program with this type of platform is certainly unique. They have one which earns rewards for current participants drawing in new followers through their affiliation.

Depending on which type of membership the affiliate earns determines how much money is made. Some give no monetary reward. There are credits earned to be used to have access to photos and material which would otherwise cost money. Though, the more expensive ones purchased warrant a 15% commission in dollars and cents.

There are promotional materials and real time analytics for tracking.


There are an abundance of vectors to select from. In fact, this is one of the rare places around the web with a large amount to select from for designers.

Advantages over similar sites

One of the nicer things is the ability for sellers to set their own prices for products. This is a definite attraction. Along with removing data whenever they feel it is necessary is exciting and appealing.

Searching for pics is easier because of the tags or keyword order. Search results take into account the keywords and give them higher relevance locating what is being sought. This limits looking through tons of unwanted pics to find what is needed.


The site does not perform very well on a consistent basis. This makes it very frustrating for lots of users. Alexa actually clocked the speed in the bottom 5% of similar sites. There is lots of maintenance downtime on a routine basis.

The performance for selling is not consistent. This is somewhat expected but still a letdown. Selling images is always a bonus and sometimes a win/win for a writer and photographer. Passive income increases for both tools.

Images are able to be purchased individually or a monthly subscription covers more for less.
Images are able to be purchased individually or a monthly subscription covers more for less.

When all is said and done, is this one worth it?

In conclusion

Anyone searching for places to sell video and pics is getting the better half of the deal. Of course there are free to use stock images inside of the data base, there are not enough to justify becoming a member. Most of the pics worth using are going to cost credits (money). T

The affiliate program is difficult for earning unless large memberships are purchased which doesn’t happen often with this business. The larger accounts go with bigger companies with a proven track record.

Fotolia is a site which has many useful tools. How is it rated overall?

Cast your vote for Fotolia
Tons of pics are free to use.
Tons of pics are free to use.

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