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Six Essential SLR Camera Accessories

Updated on May 23, 2012
Camera Strap
Camera Strap | Source
Camera Bag
Camera Bag | Source
Memory Card
Memory Card | Source
Lens Cap Keeper
Lens Cap Keeper | Source
LensPen, a photo cleaning brush
LensPen, a photo cleaning brush | Source
Digital Camera Battery
Digital Camera Battery | Source

Whenever I buy a new gadget I have the horrible habit of spending money on a plethora of accessories. I still have camera and telescope accessories that have never been touched sitting in my back room. Here you will find the six essential camera accessories to start with. Then, once you get used to your new camera, you can determine what, in addition, you may need.

A Camera Strap

If not included in the purchase of you digital camera, you definitely want to purchase a camera strap to hold the camera around your neck.

A Camera Case

You need a camera case to hold your camera when it is not in use and allows you to easily carry your camera.

Extra Memory Card

Although you can save all photos to your computer, it never hurts to have an extra memory card. Like me, you may like to keep photos on your memory card, or maybe in the middle of your vacation, you run out of room on your memory card. Be sure to check your manual to determine what types of memory cards your camera supports.

Lens Cap Keeper

I don't know how many times I went around the room asking myself, where did I put that cap. The worst thing you can do is lose a lens cap. The solution for around $1.50 is a lens cap keeper. On one end of the lens cap keeper is a plastic piece that sticks to the lens cap. On the other end is a loop that you put around the lens.

Photo Cleaning Brush

I don't care how well you keep your camera, your lens is going to collect dust. So for under $10 buy yourself a photo cleaning brush.

Extra Battery

Whether or not this is considered an essential accessory depends on how long your battery lasts. However it can never hurt to have an extra one charged.

Once you get used to taking pictures with your camera, you will want to invest in extra lenses, a tripod, a travel case and a remote shutter release. But save money now and invest in these essential accesories.


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    • Dawnrichard profile image

      Dawnrichard 5 years ago

      Nice hub and well written. I have also a Nikon camera too and i love that so much. Thanks for sharing such a nice hub.