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Four Important Aspects that Can Make or Break Your New Television Purchase

Updated on October 20, 2011

Which TV should I buy?

These days, there are so many different types of TVs in the market, which makes it difficult for the average consumer to purchase a TV that is right for their purpose. There is the LED, LCD, Plasma and just recently, the 3D TV was introduced to the market. How is one suppose to buy a TV in a calm and careful manner? This article introduces four aspects you must consider when purchasing a new TV. It will help you reduce your shortlist of potential televisions. Once you have these aspect covered, you will feel like a professional. You won't need the help of any salesmen to decide which TV is right for you. So let's get a move on.

Type of TV: Plasma vs LCD vs LED vs 3D
The debate between the various types of TVs has been going on for a very long time. All you need to know are the following three factors: size, light, and portability. In terms of size, you tend to get more value for your money when you get a plasma TV. As a TV screen gets larger, the quality of the image gets less affected on a Plasma television. Due to the introduction of new secondary technologies, the difference in quality has been getting less and less day by day but most would accept that a plasma TV is king when it comes to large TV screens. Plasma TVs are also better suited for fast images like sports, video games, and action movies. You will experience less motion blur with a plasma TV. However, some LED and LCD TVs are equipped with additional features that can help reduce the impact of motion blur. Make sure you check for such feature should you decide to go for a LED/LCD TV. In terms of light, you would definitely want to go for a LED or LCD TV if you want to use the TV outside or in the path of sunlight. With plasma TVs, you will experience something called light glares should you place it outside. The light reflects off the screen, making it impossible to watch. This does not occur with LED LCD screens. Last but not least, if you want to move your TV around a lot then definitely go for a LED LCD TV. In general, they tend to be lighter.

Purpose of TV
Why do you want to get a new TV? Do you want to watch the next Superbowl on high definition? Do you want your video games to appear more clearly? Do you want to play FIFA on a wide TV screen? The purpose is the most important aspect of any purchasing decision. Make sure your purpose complies with the TV screen, functionality, and size.

Spatial limitations
Where do you plan on leaving your television? Make sure you have enough space to place a TV in your living or common room. If you are planning on attaching it to a wall then make sure you consult with your landlord to see if it is allowed. Also, if you are going to get a plasma TV then make sure you have an area covered from sunlight. As mentioned earlier, if you do not do so then you will experience something horrible called light glares.

By price, I don't just mean the price of the TV. You also have to consider the potential electricity bill that will come out from using the TV. Make sure your potential TV has an energy star label on it. This means the TV conserves more energy.

That is pretty much it. If you would like to add anything then please feel free to comment using the form below!


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