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Foursquare...Not for the Playground, but Very Much for the Mobile Phone

Updated on September 2, 2011

Foursquare Screenshot

Typical screenshot of a Foursquare check-in
Typical screenshot of a Foursquare check-in
One of my Foursquare badges
One of my Foursquare badges

So Much Fun for Free

Wth so many apps to choose from I was very pleased to come across a free and fun application called Foursquare. Basically, Foursquare is an app that allows you to check-in wherever you are, get points, and eventually become the mayor of that location. Sound confusing? It is really fun and really, really easy.

First, if you have an iPhone, download the free Foursquare application and register with a user name. The app uses your phones GPS to find your current location. Once you click on your location, let's use a McDonald's as an example, you simply click the "check-in" button, and you will get a message awarding you with bonus points and hopefully the title of mayor. I've been using this application for about six weeks and it has become second nature for me to check-in every time I go out. I am even the mayor for two locations in Minnesota and Michigan, and I live in Nevada.

The second part of Foursquare is the very helpful map locator and tips section. If you click on the map locator, it will also show you what else is nearby. I used this tab regularly during a visit to a small town in Minnesota, and it helped us find our gas station very quickly. The tips section allows Foursquare members to post comments about the different check-in points. If you go to a sandwich place that's great, you can leave a glowing comment. If it stinks, you can warn people, too.

Another bonus to Foursquare is the occasional "Special Deal" flag that pops up at different locations. For example. today I checked in at a restaurant, and the yellow Special Deal flag came up telling me that if I went to the Sports Authority today only, I would get $10.00 off any merchandise. I've also seen special deals for dentists and restuarants.

The Foursquare application is also available on Palm, Blackberry and Adroid devices. You can also add friends through Twitter and Facebook. Give it a try, it is really a fun way to track what you do with your time.


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    • profile image

      leena 7 years ago

      haha love this! what fun!!!