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Fraudulent Schemes of Mobile phone Service Providers

Updated on November 14, 2014

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone companies are plundering the people with both hands. Not only the call rates and taxes are high but also there methods are new and novel. They are making the people fool by silly advertisements. If you switch on a TV channel you will watch only the cell phone adds. They would be enticing the people to buy their services. They will be offering free of cost every thing but there would always be hidden charges in everything and every package naive people of Pakistan are accepting everything without pondering over the pros and cons of the packages.
These companies are making money on the cost of nothing. They are just selling dreams and taking benefit of the poverty of the people. One is announcing the gold in reward and some other companies cars and other 'crore' rupees via SMS (Short messaging service ) . Through message services you can win heaps of gold, cars and billion of rupees.
One company announces a scheme to plunder the innocent people the other does not lag behind. It announces another scheme to retrieve the wealth from the poverty ridden and unemployed people. The young generation is target and prey to such shenanigans. When you read the instant message from the company which is also uninvited one that goes that your number has been selected for such amount of gold or rupees 10 million or a 1600 cc car,your joy knows no bounds and you do not think the conspiracy behind this. It is sugar coated poisonous tablet that is being swallowed by you. You participate in the scheme without knowledge of the bad consequences of spoiling the money . You enter thinking that you need only one message to win but it turned out beginning of your bad luck and exploitation.
The mobile companies are unaccountable to any authority for such plundering schemes . The authority should stop such looting and fraud of the companies. It creates frustration and disappointment in the poor people who are seeking some kind of divine miracle to become rich overnight.


Not only any one mobile company but all are involved in such heinous activities. The schemes they announce are unclear and covert. They do not mention the date time and venue of the draws for the prize. If somebody is brought to the forefront as winner he must be the relative of the stake holder or in some way the partner of the company. If companies are stubborn to loot the innocent people they should make their procedure clear and transparent. They should fix a number of messages and the day and date along with venue of the draws for the participants. The people who are participating in the silly schemes often get the reply that you have not enough points still to enter the draws. The number of points is not declared before hand. More over the marks assigned to each SMS are also not clearly declared.
The authority should do something urgent to steer clear the schemes and save the people from the day light robberies of the cell phone companies.


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