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Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Updated on February 14, 2015

Office Online

Office online is Microsoft's very own software. It is microsoft word in an online version. It is a free alternative to the physical software package that you can buy in office supply stores(like Office Max) or online. Microsoft will not charge you anything to use office online. There is however one catch; in order to use it you must sign up for a microsoft account. Despite the fact that you must register with microsoft, this an awesome deal and it is the closest alternative to paying for microsoft office. This is therefore the very best alternative. Office online also comes with extras that may not be in the software package that others paid for such as a PDF reader. If you are going to get Microsoft office, I highly suggest that you get a microsoft account and use the free version. I know someone that paid for the physical software and only got 4 or 5 programs whereas the free version has a lot more. is like Microsoft office in many ways; It has 6 programs that are modeled after products made in microsoft office. One of them is called "Writer". "Writer" is a word processor and it is the equivilalent to Microsoft word. The second one is called "Calculator" It is the equivalent to microsoft excel; it is uses for accounting purposes. "Impress" is a program for making powerpoint presentations; It is modeled after Microsoft's powerpoint. "Draw" is very the equivalent to Microsoft's drawing program. It can also be related to something similar to "Math" is a program that has certain calculation applications on it. It is pretty much uselful in solving math problems. Its not much different than an nice, advanced calculator. "Base" is the final program on this set. It is a database management system. It can run certain things such as MySQL, and other things dealing with databases. If you want a free alternative but, you don't feel like filling out any online forms then this is the option that you should go with. It is also for those who fear that their information could be stolen. This poses no risk in thos aspects.

Google Docs

Because office online is exactly like like microsoft office software it has to be the best because it is the most similar but, Google Docs is my most favorite alternative. In order to use google docs all you have to do is get a google account. This can be done by simply creating an email address. Google docs has everything that microsoft office has from the comfort of your own email station. You can check your email, look at your budget, work on that pdf ebook (that you always wanted to do), Type that school report, and check your google analytics account all at the same place. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't think it gets any better than that. Ladies and gentlemen, that is not just the icing on the cake, that is the icing, the cake, the ice cream, and the cherry on top.


Jarte can be a replacement for microsoft word but it is more of a wordpad or notepad. It is far closer to a text editor than any thing else. It does have certain editing options such as subscript and superscript. In addition it can do spell check and grammar check. The program is free but, there are extras that you must pay for in order to get. If you had to get access to an alternative quickly this is a good option but, if you have a lot of time to choose, this is not one the more favorable options because microsoft word or any of the other free options has more to offer than Jarte does- even if you pay for the extras.

Abi word

Abi word is a word processor by itself but, what makes it special is that it is sure to work on many different operating systems. This simply means that you can type a document on Linux and if you decide that you want to finish it up at your library you can download it onto your flash drive and take it to that Windows computer 7 blocks from your home. Abi word is designed to be similar to microsoft word 2007 so it is a little bit old but, it is still good quality. Abi word was created by a company named "Source gear". It was originally intended to go with several other programs that would probably be just like Microsoft Office's but, the creaters had a change in heart and decided against it. As a result it became an open source program and free for all to those who would downloard, use, and alter it. It costs nothing to do these things.


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