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What is Astronomy Software - Stellarium Download Gaze the Universe Anytime

Updated on July 13, 2016

Astronomy Software Stellarium Gaze the universe Anytime

As an astronomer finding ideal software remains the ideal way to enhance the wonders of astronomy as your perfect hobby. No cost software, with no additional price, always attracts those astronomers who remain wise people seeking the best astronomy tools in life. Imagine a piece of astronomy software that enables you to gaze into the universe anytime you wanted to. Let your mind absorb all the constellations at your longitude and latitude anytime over the next 100 years. Watch as the universe unfolds in all its splendour before your very eyes. Sounds amazing right? Well Stellarium (version allows you to do all these astronomy activities and many additional feats with the universe as your playground. The best feature about Stellarium for any amateur or professional astronomer remains that it’s a totally cost negative astronomy software download!

The benefits of the Stellarium Astronomy software tool

  • Stellarium remains available for all to download
  • Displays astronomy constellations including brilliant art, borders and star structures
  • Shows Planets on their equilibrium orbit
  • Displays Satellites for you to gaze at if you wish
  • Completely easy to use with brilliant universe help guide
  • Light pollution lets you reconstruct lighting for your area
  • Night Mode (red display) for when you take your lap-top or notebook stargazing – this will help protect your night adjusted eyes for gazing at the universe
  • Simple GOTO function within the software allows location of celestial objects extremely easy
  • Multiple perspectives as well as location settings are a strong feature of the Stellarium software
  • Set how many shooting-stars you would like to occasionally see as you use Stellarium!

Stellarium's New Interface


Astronomy software for your PC looks like a real winner and certainly has greater functionality than astronomy apps for the smart phones.

Using Binoculars is a Great Way to Start Astronomy

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter
Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter

A decent set of binoculars is a great way to start astronomy. Easy to use than telescopes you be amazed how many stars yo can view with these 15X70 Bins.


A 360 degree perspective of the universe makes locating stars easier with Stellarium

What's better than no cost Astronomy software - Stellarium remains a brilliant download for gazing at the universe
What's better than no cost Astronomy software - Stellarium remains a brilliant download for gazing at the universe

Star Lore in Stellarium the astronomy software download for all

Star Lore helps understand the importance of the universe to diverse cultures
Star Lore helps understand the importance of the universe to diverse cultures

A Decent Set of Binoculars is required for Observing the Night Sky

Binoculars make viewing the night sky really easy - they are portable and quick to use. You can then check your findings by using Stellarium.

What's the cost of this brilliant astronomy software download?

The Stellarium astronomy software tool exists as a free open source planetarium for your computer. It’s available in Mac, Linux (source) or Windows variants. Stellarium displays a realistic sky in 3D or a scale of perspective that you could see with the naked eye, binoculars or even a telescope. To gaze at the universe now has never been simpler.

GOTO Function for easy astronomy searching in the vast universe

A simple GOTO astronomy function in the software allows you to search for well known stars or night sky sights including nebulae, planets, constellations, even satellites with an additional free plug-in.

Orion Nebulae remains easy to gaze at using Stellarium

Once you have set your longitude and latitude for your location you can select the time of night you desire to see the universe as well as what astronomical sights become visible to gaze at. This makes the Stellarium software an ideal way to plan your star gazing. After all the universe remains a big place, so what better way to save time then pre-planning your stargazing hobby? Using the software to plan your universe tours remains an excellent feature of this brilliant free software.

Star constellations in the Universe

Stellarium uses brilliant art to show the many star constellations in the universe
Stellarium uses brilliant art to show the many star constellations in the universe

Constellations within the universe

A beautiful aspect of the free software that’s Stellarium remains how it displays constellations within the universe as a whole. Not only does this make learning about the night sky easier, but it also helps you understand more about the fascinating aspect of astronomy. Stellarium serves as a brilliant educational software tool for all members of the family.

Star lore and its importance in Astronomy as well as the universe

Fascinating aspects of Stellarium don’t stop with just constellations. Starlore features differing names for constellations and bright starnames within the universe that will get used in the main graphic display. Using differing astronomy cultural references for the stars in the sky, helps give star gazing a new focus. The difference in how people from various cultures refer to the universe as well as the stars remains a wonderful component of the free astronomy software Stellarium.

Time Travel

Simple using a few easy to click buttons Stellarium allows you to move forward or backward in time. As this occurs the universe adapts to show all movements of the stars, constellations, and nebulae accordingly. The pause button allows you to freeze time so you can make accurate astronomical notes with this unique software tool.

Steallrium also displays Nebulae - Here is Orions!

Selecting show nebulae in Stellarium reveals many thousands of brilliant star nebulae in the universe - a true Astronomers delight!
Selecting show nebulae in Stellarium reveals many thousands of brilliant star nebulae in the universe - a true Astronomers delight!

Adjustable light pollution in the Stellarium software

Stellarium allows various light pollution levels to realistically effect which stars in the universe remain visible. The range extends from 9 as a maximum pollution source indicative of an Inner City sky. With this light pollution adjustment no Messier objects will remain visible in the universe.

This level of pollution in astronomy reflects a limiting magnitude to the eye of 4.0. The optimum setting, as well as what every astronomy searches for is the dark site setting. Here in Stellarium this setting shows a magnitude of 7.6 – 8 allowing virtually every visible star to the naked to become visible to the astronomer. Such sights as the M33 remain direct visible as naked-eye object in the universe using Stellarium.

Easy astronomy tabs in Stellarium

Stellarium uses 6 simple tabs to switch between the various astronomy software functions. These include:

  • Location Window (F6 shortcut)
  • Day Time Window (F5 shortcut)
  • Sky and Viewing Options window (F4 shortcut)
  • Search Window (F3 shortcut)
  • Configuration Window (F2)
  • Help Window (F1)

Comprehensive Help System within Stellarium

Having a free astronomy software tool at your disposable is one thing but you can also expect excellent support too. Looking at Stellarium’s extensive “help” section reveals a complete PDF user manual, FAQs, Bug reporting, as well as many keyboard shortcuts. Scanning the universe just got easier with this amazing help section within Stellarium.

Try Stellarium it’s an excellent free software astronomy tool for the budding or professional astronomer. It’s easy to use anytime of the day or night and features tons of great elements to help enhance your astronomical skills. You’ll never gaze at the universe in the same way again. Astronomy just got a lot easier!

Astronomy Software Stellarium

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Did you find Astronomy Software Stellarium and the Universe useful?

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    • johndwilliams profile image

      johndwilliams 3 years ago from Essex England

      Excellent thanks for news on the updates - I guess by now there will be even more!

    • profile image

      abhilash 6 years ago

      The features of the latest version of Stellarium includes : It has a catalogue and has indexed more than 600.000 stars

      This version also has an additional catalogue which can help you view more than 210 million stars, now that is really Awesome!

      View your Constellations for 12 different cultures.

      Experience the high definition images of the Nebulae & Milky Way.

      The latest version of Stellarium shows you a more realistic view of the atmosphere, sunrise as well as sunset.

      It shows you planets and their respective satellites in more depth, with high power zoom capabilities.

      Stellarium Planetarium Star-Gazer Stellarium : Tips 'n Tricks Ubuntu 11.04

    • daviddwarren22 profile image

      daviddwarren22 6 years ago

      Excellent and interesting hub about astronomy. Thanks for posting.

    • johndwilliams profile image

      johndwilliams 7 years ago from Essex England

      Thanks Marie,

      Its a great bit of software and very useful for astronomers, those beginning, or even those people who remain curious.

      All the best and good luck with your Hubs!


    • marieryan profile image

      Marie Ryan 7 years ago from Andalusia, Spain

      thanks for a very interesting article, John. I am excited to learn about Stellarium and look forward to learning more about the fascinating world of Astronomy



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