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Free Audiobook Apps For iphone - I Love This One!

Updated on August 5, 2014

Best Free Audiobook Apps For iphone - The App I Chose

I've already been using iPods and iPhones for music movies, and other apps, but I wanted an easy hassle free platform which was free and could be used easily for listening to audio books and other downloadable texts such as exam revision guides when I'm out and about, particularly when forced to wait hours for public transport whether train, bus or plane! I even like to listen to my hottest new classic when out for a walk or on the beach. I don'twant to bring dozens of heavy books with me when I can choose from a free library with a single touch on my ipod or iphone. There are many audiobook apps for iphone available but like everyone else nowadays I don't have disposable income and am economising so my search had one priority - the audiobook app for iphone had to be free! (Oh, and fast, efficient, versatile with a big stock of books as well, particularly bestsellers of their time, classics and biographies which I love.)

Classic Dracula Ever Popular On Free Audiophone Apps For Iphone

Dracula is one of the most popular free audiobook for iphone downloads!
Dracula is one of the most popular free audiobook for iphone downloads!

Downloadable Free Audiobooks For iphone Often Turn Out Not To Be Free At All !

The first, most frustrating thing I found when researching for free audiobooks for my iphone was that on closer examination (or attempt to install or actually download a classic such as Dracula or War Of The Worlds ) was that,very typically, at this point they become 'not free after all.' Often you are taken to the book and presented with a pop-up that says only $3.99 (Classicly) or back to itunes where there is a charge for the downloadable books (Digital Press on itunes.)

Some had cheeky elements which allowed them to use the word 'free' in their search listing (such as the free title offered by or a 'free once paid for' system where there was an initial charge. I was suspicious that this might leap up once my books were downloaded and I returned to update the app so rejected this one (itunes.) It was also depressing that 'all roads seemed to lead to audible' and I often got directed back there (amazon.)

I installed many of these audiobooks online or direct to my iphone, working my way down the list of audiobooks, and deleted the misleading ones which was very time-consuming - but worth it as I found a quickly downloadable free audiobook for ipjhone app in the end!

Classic Romance On Free Audiobook Apps For iphone

How I Rated My Librivox Review For Best Free Audiobook For iphone

4 stars for Librivox Free Audiobook App For iphone Review

My Highest Rating For Free Audiobooks For iphone

My highest rating for best free audiobooks for iphone eventually went to Librivox! This is a volunteer run site for books in the public domain and one of the reasons I love it is because you get to have the option of either read or listen to your audiobook.

Librivox free public domain audiobooks app was easy to find on the App Store - I found it in seconds, so I thought so far so good! It downloaded and installed in under a minute with no hitches or hiccups and when I clicked on it a list of suggestions was immediately visible. Dracula, Henry James and Edgar Allen Poe were all presented but thousands more also.

I decided to test the app first, so for speed I just downloaded a free audiobook from that list (there were many that I had always wanted to get around to reading!) One of the top suggestions was Ulysses by Homerso I tried to download that - the classic book downloaded instantly and was immediately available on my iphone 4!

There was a short minute intro about by way of a Librivox review and then the story started! So far (and this hub is in progress offering regular updates with Free Audiophone Apps For iphone news and updates) so good - all is excellent with only one or two provisos :

1. Free public domain audiobooks for iphone are, by their very nature, going to be classics!! (ie their authors are long dead !) If you are looking for the hottest bestsellers then another (perhaps low-priced) iphone audibook app might be better for you. I am also investigating these as there actually ARE one or two recent non fiction bestsellers and biographies that I want to listen to or read. (Hub to follow.)

2. No offence intended to anybody out there, but please bear in mind that the free audiobooks are read by excellent volunteers and are top quality renditions - however many are read with an accent! If you are looking for Shakesperean English actors then perhaps look into more drama based texts and video.

However if you, like me, have thousands of classics still left to read, from Mark Twain, through Pride and Prejudice to Ulysses, Edgar Allen Poe and Dracula - and want to optimise high quality use of your downtime on public transport or in waiting rooms - then I can't recommend Librivox highly enough in my review!

Why did I give it 4 Stars?

For the reasons above - it is perhaps unreasonable one free iphone app to do everything though!

Best Free Audiobook App For iphone - Have Your Say

Which Audiobook App For iphone Do You Use?

See results

Best Free Audiobook For iphone Poll - Your Choice

I'm always keen to hear about new tech stuff - particularly if it's free/low cost and ok for my iphone! Anyone else got any good suggestions for must-have audio book downloads?

Which app do YOU think is best?

And would you consider volunteering to read for a free audiobook recording? It's free, and within reason, they take everyone from all countries. (Although the few I've tried have coincidentally all been US voices.)

LibriVox was started (before the days of iphone apps) in 2005 by Hugh McGuire who was a writer and web developer working in Montreal Canada - he's now moved on to begin other publishing related enterprises.

I also love that Librivox has a social responsibility element,akin to a charitable motive, where we feel we are contributing to getting all the world's public domain books online for free for all rich and poor to enjoy equally. They do encourage donations and I do want to contribute, but probably through the means of volunteering to 'read' an audiobook - as it is after all a non-commercial project, non-profit and also ad-free.The books are 'donated' as recordings straight after production going in to the public domain for the benefit of everyone who can access the digital audio many language versions.

Free Audiobooks For iphone Tutorial - Using Librivox

Revise With Your Free Audiobook App For iphone

Think you know your English Literature exam texts? It's easy to get rusty - why not use your free audiobook apps for iphone to 're-read' while you are unable to do much else - such as when you are travelling or in a waiting room? Research shows that quite a few students still have texts to read too even as exam day approaches - so a cramming session over the summer may be necessary to catch up with other students.Some students won’t have finished or even started all their texts. Some students can recall only very vague memories, hardly remembering the minor characters or significant twists and turns of plot. You don't want open text exams to force you to waste crucial exam writing time perusing texts or reading passages for the first time on exam day so listen to a few first!

Students who have left things to the last minute can always use their iphones towards the last weeks of the semester, selecting for example a selection of passages from Romeo and Juliet and concentrate on close study of the language. Go on to the next when ready, perhaps re-listening a few times

Vampire Romance On Free Audiobook Apps For iphone

Did this hub help you? Any Questions? Another hub?

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    • Inspired Writing1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rose English 

      4 years ago from England


      Just to say, the sister site to Librivox.PC version, has a helpful forum! Just found it,


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