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Use Free Beat Maker Software To Make Decent Money Online

Updated on April 21, 2011

To become a hot music producer nowadays is not hard thanks to open source software. Free beat maker software is readily available to help those who have always

Contrary to the opinion of many critics, a free beat maker is good enough to make you quality beats which are acceptable to any recording artiste or anyone with an ear to music. You do not have to get started by purchasing a very expensive beat maker software. Your free beat maker software which you can download or use it from the internet in most cases will come with enough features and capabilities that you can exploit using your creativity. You will not necessarily make great beats because you have invested in an expensive beat maker.

The reason why you might find a free beat maker useful especially if you are a beginner is because it will most probably come with a user-friendly interface as it is less likely to be overloaded with many features that are rarely used as is the case with most beat makers available for sale. Most free beat maker software appear complex to beginners and even most seasoned producers don’t find most of their additional features that useful. The last thing you want is to spend more time learning how to use a beat maker program, instead of concentrating on making the beats.

After downloading and installing a free beat maker software or signing up online to use one for free online, it can even take you minutes to familiarize yourself with its features and make the first beat. After perfecting your skills, you will easily translate your ideas into great music beats. Hip hop and rap beats are in high demand from many artistes who prefer to buy them online. You can still open a home studio to start making your own music if you can record vocals.

A free beat maker software is a great asset because it provides you with a wide range of sounds that represent vast musical instruments you wouldn’t afford to buy. In any case, learning how to use a beat maker software is by far much easier than learning how to play different musical instruments. In order to find market for your beats online, there are many sites selling beats that you can register with. They usually allow you to upload your beats online for sale. After every sale, money enters into your account from where you can later withdraw it.

You can still sell beats you make with your free beat maker software on your own website, but signing up with sites selling beats online easily gives you an exposure to many prospective clients and a community discussing about many aspects of beat making. This makes you more aware of the market trends and the needs of your potential clients so that you can make a better use of your free beat maker.

The amount of money you can make using a free beat maker is entirely dependent on you efforts and creativity in both making and marketing the beats online. Many producers making beats for sale online report earning not less than $100 per day. You decide the price to sell each of your beats depending on how much you feel it’s worth. Sometimes it is advisable to start off giving some free beats or selling them at low prices so that you can gradually increase the prices after recording an increase in sales and becoming known as a producer.

Another reason why there is great potential making money with a free beat maker is because it doesn’t take much time to make one beat. Most hiphop beats are fairly easy to make so you can make several in a day. Making 2 -4 beats in a day translates to a good collection in a week. However, you should only upload quality beats online in order to raise your profile as a producer.


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    • profile image

      Scott B 5 years ago

      Nice article! More information about beat making programs can be found at

    • profile image

      fred 6 years ago

    • profile image

      J Dilla Drums 6 years ago

      I'm one of those producers. I've always put down as many ideas as possible. It's funny what your client decides to by most of the time its not what you'd consider your best material

    • AgesMGMT profile image

      AgesMGMT 6 years ago from New York

      yeah you can definitely bang out a bunch of ideas in I day.. which is always a good way of producing and I have found that most producers I have worked with tend to work this way, for whatever reason it doesn't tend to work for me

    • Inforyou profile image

      Inforyou 6 years ago from MACHAKOS

      It is true sometimes you need to come back later and make some tweaks here and there to fine tune your beats. As a producer what i do in order to make many beats in a day is that I start several projects and i don't actually make them to finalize everything. I leave them to start others then later come to listen to each while fine tuning to finish them. Don't tie yourself to one beat project making it to finish. Leave it unfinished and start others. Sometimes you even use the same structure and after a few manipulations you have a different beat using different strings and effects or any other sounds you prefer. Each day though, listen to those unfinished hip hop beats and ideas will come quickly for you to finalize it all. Working on multiple beats is a strategy that helps you not to get bored listening same sounds over and over again and makes you later correct sounds you initially thought were cool. That is how you increase your output and make money making beats. Thanks to all for reading.

    • AgesMGMT profile image

      AgesMGMT 6 years ago from New York

      Most beats are easy to make but to mix and really make them sound hot so people will want to buy them is a different story. This takes time.. as a producer myself I rarely take less than 3 days on a beat, it constantly evolves as I make it. Even then after 3 days it is sometimes not done.