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Free Cell Phone With Food Stamps

Updated on September 13, 2012

The program would allow our family to have a cell phone and about 50 minutes of free talk time every month. That should be enough talk time to cover our basic needs. To apply, I sent the wireless provider our documentation showing that we receive food stamps. We got our cell phone soon after.

Every since we received the cell phone, life has been so much easier. For example, when my kids have to stay late for school, they could call me and tell me they are staying after so that I can pick them up later. Another time we were driving and we got a flat tire. We used the cell phone to call for help. Without the cell phone, we would have had to walk for miles to the nearest town to get gas. Overall, I think it is great that people like me can get free cell phones for people on food stamps.

My family and I currently live off of government support. We get food stamps every month because my job does not pay me well. I have two kids to support so I need all the government help I could get. We have also had to make some sacrifices. For example, we had to get rid of our phone service because it was getting too costly. But living without phone service is a pretty horrible feeling. We never know when an emergency may come up and we have to make a call. Plus, without having a phone, life has become quite inconvenient. We could not make business calls or even make calls to family and friends.

One day a friend of mine told me about how to get a free cell phone with food stamps. He said that if I am a recipient of food stamps, then I could apply for a free cell phone with free minutes. I was excited to hear about this because our family really needed a phone.


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    • profile image

      benny 4 years ago

      i would like to get phone services

    • profile image

      nelda bozeman 5 years ago

      I am on food stamps, I need a cell phone to take with me when I am out side alone. If I fall I can't get up without help.

    • profile image

      preston 6 years ago