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Free Cell Phones

Updated on December 13, 2009

Looking for free cell phones?

There are many places that claim you can get a free cell phone online, but the truth is, none of these cell phones are free. Well, not the service anyway. So, it is up to me, your personal money saving coach, to show you how to get things at great prices.

The phones that are offered "free" on the internet will save you hundreds of dollars up front. These phones are great and can only help you in the near future. These are not your ordinary, flip phone pieces of crap. No, these phones are high tech smart phones (some of them). These phones cost hundreds of dollars and paying for them the original way is sure to leave a dent in your pocket. So, this hub is dedicated to showing you some of the greatest phones that you can get for free, from the greatest cell phone companies.

Free Blackberry Storm 9530

Blackberry Storm 9530  For more details, continue reading hub.
Blackberry Storm 9530 For more details, continue reading hub.

Would you like to get a free Blackberry Storm 9530? Well now you can do that, unless you want to pay $599.99 for this phone. The phone is brand new and unlocked. in order to get this phone free, you must start a new service with Verizon, which costs $59.99 per month. Isn't that an affordable alternative to paying 600 dollars for this beautiful phone?

The Plan Details to this Free Blackberry Storm

With the plan included within this bundle, you will receive 900 minutes, 5 friends and family numbers, and unlimited mobile to mobile calling. You may add or change the plan entirely. You don't have to be stuck to this plan.

Additional Plans

Unlimited Everything for $149.99 per month (Nationwide Blackberry Email & Messaging Unlimited)

Unlimited Minutes and Email Nationwide for $129.99 per month

Nationwide Email and Messaging 1350 for $129.99 per month

These are the more expensive programs which do not charge you for overused minutes (except the 1350 program)

The cost per minute after you have passed the limit is kind of high, charging you as much as $0.45 per minute. Of course you can view other plans

If you would like to get this free Blackberry Storm, Click Here

LG Xenon Red
LG Xenon Red

LG Xenon

This great touchscreen phone from AT&T is now available on the internet for free. Yes this is absolutely legal to obtain, and it saves you a lot of money. It actually saves you $279.99 in upfront costs that you could be paying going to AT&T to get this phone. Here is the plan details to this great phone.

Plan details to this phone

The original plan supplied to this phone is based on a 900 rollover minutes plan, which costs $59.99 per month. This is probably the standard plan to all free phones offered online. Of course, if you are a teenager (we talk a lot), you may want to upgrade your plan with more features.

If you don't wanna be too greedy with the minutes, you could upgrade to the AT&T nation 1350 w/ rollover for $79.99

If you want to share your voice with everyone, as much as you want, you may upgrade to the AT&T nation Unlimited plan for $99.99.

Samsung Solstice a887
Samsung Solstice a887

Samsung Solstice a887

Yet another great touchscreen phone available at Wirefly for free. Well not free, but I'm pretty sure you get the point right about now.Save hundreds of dollars upfront by getting your cell phones from Wirefly.

Okay, now back to the Samsung Solstice a887. Before we discuss the plans and services of this phone, lets talk about the power that this phone possesses. Not only does it have a touchscreen for all you high tech people out there, it also has stereo bluetooth technology. You get customizable applications on your home page. You also get one touch access to pre-loaded social bookmarking apps such as Myspace and Facebook. You also have picture/video messaging and video share calling. Pretty high tech huh?

To review the ridiculously long list of features that this phone has, Click Here.

Now for the amount of money you will save getting this phone. You will save $239.99 on this phone by getting it free at Wirefly, rather than buying it from AT&T. When you get this phone, the ordinary plan (as usual) will be 900 minutes for $59.99 per month. Of course you know by now that you can get a different plan if you find this to not be enough to suit your needs.

Samsung Solstice a887 in action


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    • stacies29 profile image


      7 years ago from Washington DC is a great site for FREE Cell Phones - All Carriers

    • profile image

      quinlena bailey 

      8 years ago

      i love it

    • profile image

      brittany mcwilliams 

      8 years ago

      i want one for free because i dont have no money


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