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Free Comic Book Reader (cbr) For Windows and Linux (Comix)

Updated on February 16, 2011

In the old days, people used to buy comic books and read them page for page, awe-struck by the characters, colours and storylines. In modern times, the reader is still awe-struck by all of these things and the main difference is that comic books are available online to read, and can be purchased or found on sites to read.

A very useful tool to have is a comic book reader. No, not a person reading, but a program on your computer that allows you to fully appreciate the characters and colours, storylines and sagas. Some people run Microsoft Windows on their computers, other runs Linux. Some run Mac. Everyone's different and so I have decided to feature two free comic book readers; one for Windows and one for Linux.

The logo for Comix
The logo for Comix

Comix - A Free Comic Reader For Linux

Comix as the name suggests is a comic book reader. It is open source (which means you can freely view the source code and modify it as you wish) and freely available for Linux. Comix is an image viewer too so it can allow you to view your images on your computer.

It is user friendly and easily customized to suit your needs. It's easy to use and installs with little fuss. It can be installed from the repo's using the following command: sudo apt-get install comix

main window of Comix
main window of Comix
a sample of a library of comic books
a sample of a library of comic books

For those who are curious about what programming language it's written in, it's written in Python.

Comix has some interesting features which include viewing your comics in fullscreen mode, as a double page and it can even fit the window you set.

It has a magnifying glass if the writing is too small to read and it can be read from left to right (the Western Way) or right to left (for all the manga fans).

Unlike some comic book readers, Comix allows you to bookmark your place so that you can easily pick up where you stopped.

It has a comic book library so you can organise your comic book collection and it is available in over 20 languages including English, Dutch, French, Russian and Japanese.

the main window of ComicRack
the main window of ComicRack
Pick a page to view
Pick a page to view
How the library looks
How the library looks

ComicRack - A Free Comic Reader For Windows

ComicRack is another comic book reader but this one is specifically designed for Microsoft Windows. I use this one when I use Windows and find it to be the best from all of the others I have previously used.

ComicRack allows you to view your comic in fullscreen mode like Comix and it also has a magnifying glass for that horrible small print. You can even adjust the colour of your comic using the colour adjustments if you don't like the black and white comic.

It supports multitabs so you can have multiple comics open at once and flick between them as if it was Mozilla Firefox and you were flicking through tabs.

It can convert comic books into various formats and supports the following formats: cbz, zip, tar, rar, cbr, cb7, cbt, 7z, pdf and djvu.

A good feature ComicRack has is that it allows for thumbnails so you can see the first page of the comic to know if that;s the one you'd like to read or not. It can tag your comics and make them easier to find in the ComicRack managed library.

If someone else in your house wants to read the comic book you have, no problem. You can share the library across your home network and wireless networks. Easy peasy!

ComicRack supports both 32 bit and 64 bit. Most systems use 32 bit and those that have 64 bit will know that they have it. So it's very flexible. it's also very small: under 70MB to install.

ComicRack supports the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and a bunch of other languages.

Which comic book reader would you use?

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