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Free Communications between Employees with VoIP

Updated on August 16, 2012
Saving Money with VoIP Pricing
Saving Money with VoIP Pricing

Interoffice Communication

If you were to draw a map of the telecommunications conversations initiated and received by your employees, you may be surprised to find that they spend most of their time talking to each other. If everyone lives in the same building, it is a trivial matter to set up a few extensions where such communication can be carried on for free. However, most businesses are a little bit more spread out than that. They can have multiple offices in the same city, or even branches spreading out over several states. An international business on the other hand can be exponentially larger and will probably have remote locations in several major countries. At these scales, communication between your employees becomes a very expensive proposition.

But it's not just your own employees that you need to talk to. You also need to keep in touch regularly with individuals from other companies whom you work or collaborate with. Suppliers, retailers, or anyone who is either ahead or behind you in your value chain, all need to be available for coordination at a moments notice.

With VoIP, these conversations can become significantly cheaper or can even be carried out for free depending on the communications technology and the service providers that your collaborators are using. In your own organization, it's not difficult to enforce a policy of using the same VoIP service provider. If you're willing to work with the other people whom you need to stay in touch with however, you can dramatically expand your communications network and save huge amounts of money every single day.

Providing Your Partners with VoIP Phones Using Automatic Provisioning

If you decide to work closely with your partners such as your suppliers, you can enter into an agreement with them so that they install the same VoIP systems on their end that you do. This will allow the two entities to freely communicate with each other and you can both enjoy the huge VoIP pricing benefits. However, setting up and configuring your VoIP phones may not be easy for everyone. What we need is a noob friendly technique where you can just send the VoIP phone to someone in a remote location and all they have to do is hook it up to the Internet with an ethernet cable.

Using the facility of automatic provisioning, this is made extremely easy. The VoIP phone magically connects, configures itself, installs updates and security patches all without the intervention of the users. For this, you need to requisition these phones during the process of signing up with your SIP provider. Not all providers have this kind of tie up, so make sure that you go with one that does. Contact your Philadelphia PBX provider to find out how you can get started in less than 15 min.


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