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All-in-one Game box for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Updated on May 15, 2013

We've played plenty of iPhone games that offer fantastic value for money, but nothing comes close to this amazing effort by Triniti Interactive. For just 59 pennies you have access to 32 full games, many of which were standalone releases in their own right.

Many popular genres are replicated, ranging from arcade-style shoot-'em-ups to hit games like Lemmings and Papi-Jump and, while some of the titles are very similar to each other, it's difficult to moan about the paltry price point.

All-in-one Game box
All-in-one Game box

Presentation in itself is excellent with all 32 games easily accessible from the main menu, Open Feint support the ability to include your own songs, twitter support and much, much more, and while some of the games themselves look a little basic there's a huge amount of variety when you actually realise what's on offer.

3-2-1-Jump is effectively Pap/-Jump, but with cuter visuals, Chicks is a humorous take on Lemmings, iSniper 30 is an Operation Wolf clone, Blighted Earth is a solid tower defence game, Star Marine is a reasonable twin-stick shooter, 2009 Road Master is a simple vertical screen racer, and so it goes on; the sheer amount of variety on offer is genuinely staggering and, while you'll certainly find some duffers in this compendium, the good vastly outweighs the bad. Not bad going for such a paltry asking price.

Granted quite a few of the games are completely throwaway, being nothing more than simple mini-games, but Triniti knows this. Think of this as one of those old computer compilations you would get back in the days of the Spectrum and Commodore 64. Not every single title on its own is a piece of art, but when you combine them all together with a few genuine gems like Ancient War, 1UF0 Catcher and Jailbreaker, it suddenly becomes very difficult to ignore.

Here's hoping that some of the bigger iPhone publishers take note, as we'd certainly like to see similar compilations in the future, particularly if they end up offering as much value for money as this one does. A great selection of games that every iPhone owner should download.


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