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Star Wars: Trench run for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Updated on May 15, 2013

Putting aside the often painful memories generated by the recent trio of lacklustre prequel' Star Wars films, there's no denying the legendary status of George Lucas' epic space opera. One of the obvious highlights of the original trilogy is the do-or-die attack on the Imperial Death Star, executed by rookie Luke Skywalker and his rag-tag team of Rebel X-Wing pilots. Sensing the substantial appeal of this pivotal scene, THQ Wireless - along with developer Infrared's - has created a digital replication of this daring dash down a cannon-infested service trench.

You might consider this to be a licence to print money but, sadly, Star Wars: Trench Run is nowhere near as exhilarating as it should be. The presentation isn't a problem; the 3D visuals are excellent (although they do tend to chug a little on anything but a 3GS) and the audio is equally encouraging, showcasing original music, dialogue and sound effects from the films. You even get treated to some scene-setting footage lifted directly from the original 1977 movie when the game loads up.

Star wars: Trench run
Star wars: Trench run
Star wars: Trench run
Star wars: Trench run

There's a neat degree of variety in the gameplay too, with a deep-space TIE dog-fighting mode available, as well as sections in the trench where you must avoid Darth Vader's unwanted attention and sink a one-in-a-million proton torpedo into the Death Star vulnerable exhaust port.

The real problem with Star Wars: Trench Run is that it becomes incredibly boring very quickly, and the ease with which you can destroy cannons and navigate obstacles is almost insulting - even more so when you consider that The Force awards you the handy ability to slow down time, which grants even more opportunity to react to any oncoming threats. It's far from a total loss - the score-based format of each section and inclusion of online leader board support help to prolong the game's appeal - but the disappointingly limp gameplay ensures that this is yet another average Star Wars game, executed with little flair or imagination, and a less-than-brilliant realization of what should be an utterly watertight concept.


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