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Free Electricity With A Grid Tie Inverter DIY

Updated on October 8, 2015

Free Grid Power

Looking for a way to get free electricity, or is lowering your electric bill your goal? Which ever one you selected requires you to provide an additional energy source. Many people are using solar panels as an additional energy source. In the past, solar panel installation and equipment cost limited the number of people who could implement solar power. However, new technology is being created everyday. One of the newest and latest breakout products is the grid tie inverter. Coupled with solar panels you too can lower your electric bill. The SSI 200w grid tie inverter requires no professional installation. It is a complete DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELF) system. In this article we will cover how to install your own solar panels and grid tie inverter for less than $ 458.95. The SSI 200w grid tie inverter can be used with a wind turbine as well.

Grid Tie Inverter Benefits

If you live in a state that allows back-metering than you can maximize your benefits.  For those residents of states with back-metering you can supplement your electric needs and get a credit or check from your electric company. For those living in states that do not allow back-metering don't worry.  If you live in a state that does not allow back-metering you can still benefit by supplementing your electric use and lowering your electric bill.  In my state they will also give you a 50% rebate for the purchase of the require equipment.  So, if you live in Delaware $458.95 just went down to $229.48. Check with your state for rebate information on solar power. 

What Is Back-Metering?

What is back-metering?  Back-metering or net metering is when electric flows the opposite way from your home's power grid.  Electric flowing in the opposite direction will cause you electric meter to move backward.  If you live in a states that doesn't allow back metering your meter will not move forward as long as your power consumption meets your energy usage.  If your power consumption is more (greater), your meter will move slower -- still creating a savings on your next electric bill. 

Solar Panels Equals Free Electricity?

Solar panels equals free electricity is a true statement.  Thanks to Mother Nature, we all have access to free power.  For this project "Free Electricity With A Grid Tie Inverter" you will need some solar panels.  As described in the video you can purchase 3 (three) 15 watts solar panels from Harbor Freight for just $199.99.  This is Harbor Freight's sale price for solar panels.  Please view the video for a (DIY) demonstration on installing the 45 watts solar panel kit. 

Solar Panel DIY Demo

SSI 200w Grid Tie Inverter With Solar Panels

The SSI 200W grid tie inverter can be purchased from buyerIsland for $259.00. With a grid tie inverter you are able to feed you home's power grid. Even before back-metering can occur appliances in use in the home will be using the free energy you are generating with the solar panels and grid tie inverter. Please view the video for your DIY demonstration for the SSI 200w grid tie inverter. To generate additional electric you can purchase multiple units of solar panels and grid tie inverters.

Grid Tie Inverter

What Wattages Are Your Using?

Below are some common appliances and the watts they use. 

  • Ceiling Fan 65 watts
  • Laptop 50 watts
  • 27 inch Television 113 watts
  • Alarm Clock 10 watts

These are just some of the items that could benefit by installing just 1 solar panel kit and 1 grid tie inverter.  


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    • profile image

      Carl Stanley 2 years ago from Flint mi

      Great tips! What if itold you that i know of a way to generate all the electricity your home needs? The crazy part of what im talking about is that im not talking about solar power or wind turbines!

    • ysdata profile image

      ysdata 3 years ago from Dover, Delaware

      Joe there are many factors to consider. It's difficult to answer your question. The amount of energy you can collect depends on location, time of year, and type of weather.

    • profile image

      joe 3 years ago

      im wondering if i turn off all appliances and i put an inverter on and , say a 400 watt system ,how much back current daily can i reverse meter too

    • profile image

      helene.bliss 7 years ago

      Nice hub. great details and information. Solar power is free and clean but it needs to use it before we can benefit from it.

    • profile image

      Ptran 7 years ago

      There is a youtube on DIY GTI


      Penny per watt.

      Using approved, off the shelve components.

      It sounds "too go to be true"; If it is then it is a grate gift for all.

    • profile image

      Alan 7 years ago

      In Europe you can join a "Net-Metering" program but you need to follow the guidelines they require you meet. Your electrical company will install a second meter to show what was fed into the grid (same as the USA). You will require a CE or TUV Certified inverter. You can see more of those models at

      In The US they need to have a UL Certified and listed inverter to be part of the Net-Metering program.

    • steve1717 profile image

      steve1717 8 years ago

      Very usefull.and informative .shame we cant get back metering here in europe .

    • Bucks here profile image

      Bucks here 8 years ago from South Africa

      Very nice setup here, and informative