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Green Natural and Free Energy

Updated on September 25, 2015

Green, Natural and Free Energy

The energy sources we choose to use have a great impact on the world. Our burning of fossil fuels is one of the main contributing factors to global warming. When we burn, fossil fuels we release carbon dioxide into the air. Because it is already found in the air we breathe, people think that it is not such a big problem if there is more carbon dioxide in the air. The problem is that since there is more carbon dioxide in the air the atmosphere holds more heat.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are used to create energy, run cars, airplanes, in factories, etc. Some examples of fossil fuels are kerosene, gasoline, methane, anthracite coal, etc.

They are mostly formed from the compressed fossilized remains of ancient creatures. That is why they are called fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are non-renewable meaning that they cannot be replaced by nature in a short amount of time. The burning of these fuels releases carbon dioxide, therefore Fossil fuel energy is not good for our health & environment.


Fossil Fuels and The Climate: Time is Running Out

hydrogen fuel cell

Geothermal Energy - Heating and Cooling

Geothermal Energy

Green, Natural & Free Energy Resources

Fuel Cell

There are different types of fuel cells hydrogen ones and chemical ones too. I focused on a hydrogen fuel cell because it creates water as well as power cars. Fuel cells are used to power cars and some electronics. It uses a hydrogen source and oxygen source (filtered air). It burns the hydrogen with the oxygen and it produces energy and water.


Geothermal energy is energy that is generated by the heat that is found below the Earth's surface. Some geothermal plant locations are Japan, China, Iceland, California (U.S.A), and British Columbia (Canada). Geothermal comes from the two Greek words Geo meaning Earth and Thermos meaning heat.

Geothermal Energy: Binary-Cycle

The binary-cycle takes hot fluids from a reservoir (usually 107-182 degrees Celsius) and they are passed through heat exchangers that transfer the heat to a separate pipe that contains fluids (iso-butane or iso-pentane). The fluids are vaporized to power the turbine. It is a low cost and efficient way of getting energy. It also does not emit any gases or any steam.

Geothermal Energy: Dry Steam

As it says in the title this type of geothermal energy, uses dry steam that contains no water droplets. The temperature is usually 235 degrees Celsius or higher. The dry steam is used to power the turbines. It does emit some steam and gas. It is the most simple and economical of all the geothermal plants.

Geothermal Energy: Flash Steam

It uses hot water from a reservoir of a temperature of 182 degrees Celsius or higher. The high pressure from underground keeps the water from changing to a gaseous state, even though the temperature is well above boiling point. The water is pumped to the plant, because of the drop of pressure, the water changes or “flashes” to steam that powers the turbine. Thus, the name flash steam came form. The water that is not flashed gets injected back into the ground reservoir so that it can be used again. It also emits small amounts of gas and steam. It is the most common type of geothermal energy there is right now.

Portable Solar-powered Apartment Battery Bank Part 1

Wind Power



Solar power is a flow resource. Therefore, it cannot be used up. Solar energy does include wind power. The solar panels shown convert the sun's rays into electricity. Solar panels are used to make electricity and heat. Solar panels can be used anywhere.


Wind is a flow resource meaning that it can never be used up. Wind is a form of solar energy, because of the uneven heating of the atmosphere, irregularities of the Earth's surface, and the rotation of the Earth, causes the wind.

The wind turns the blades, which turns the rotor, which is connected to the shaft that turns the generator. Thus creating electricity. Wind Mills can be found anywhere.

Water (Hydro)

Hydroelectricity is a renewable resource. It does not create any waste and no carbon dioxide is emitted.

It is created by water driving into a turbine and generator. When there is a low demand of electricity, the water is moved to a big reservoir. When the demand is high, the water is moved between different height reservoirs.

Solar energy

Solar energy
Solar energy


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    Mr Nice 

    12 years ago from North America

    Hi apeksha, Thanks for the nice comment, I really appreciate.

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    Apeksha Waychal 

    12 years ago from India.


    nice there now few people who cares about fossil hub...

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    Mr Nice 

    12 years ago from North America

    angalichugh, thanks again for visiting this hub & for your encouraging comments.

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    12 years ago from New York

    That was a whole lot of info. Any article on environment related issues attracts me. Thx


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