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Updated on November 15, 2013

What is free IPTV? Lets start by defining the term IPTV.

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is television that is served over an IP (Internet Protocol) Network, such as the Internet or a Local Area Network (LAN) in buildings or campuses.

This is different from television as we know it, which is normally distributed through traditional broadcast methods or cable. With Internet TV streamed TV, video and radio are transmitted via broadband access.

It goes without saying that Free IPTV is Internet Protocol TV for which you do not have to pay for the content you view or to gain access to the content providers' networks.

How to Get Free IPTV

You can get free Internet Protocol Television by using the services of providers like ,, Joost, Hulu, Babelgum, Vuze, Veoh, BBC Iplayer, ITV IPlayer, etc. or trawling through directories. 

What to expect

If you have access to IPTV you can expect to receive terrestrial & satellite television channels, Radio stations, Videos & DVDs, Videos-on-demand (VoD), etc. in standard format or in high definition.

IPTV has also been called non-linear TV or on-demand broadcasting. It is used to deliver standard channels which are available on satellite, or alternatively digital TV which is downloaded using peer-to-peer distribution technology from providers such as kontiki.
Most people now dream of a world where all TV is delivered via Internet Protocol.

Types of IPTV

Although there are several forms of Internet Protocol Television like Internet IPTV, Telco IPTV, Broadcast IPTV and Building (local) IPTV, if you are an individual, you do not need to know the various types all you need to know is the providers or directories from which to get free IPTV.

IPTV Service Providers
Apart from those providers which have already been mentioned above, other providers include:
BBC Iplayer –
ITV Iplayer -

What you need get free IPTV

The minimum requirement to view IPTV is a broadband Internet connection ,
Plus the viewing equipment, which could be personal computers (desktops, laptops, etc)or just any Audio-Visual (AV) equipment.

Advantages of using IPTV

  • You can get it for free or at least avoid monthly recurring charges once you have paid the initial setup or software cost.
  • Very high quality images especially when you view in HD format.
  • You get content when you want, where you want and how you want it.
  • You get interactive program guides.
  • You can now watch TV on various devices, depending on your preference.
  • Overall better TV experience for you the user.

IPTV Videos
I have included some videos below, which answer most of the questions you might still have about Internet Protocol Television

What exactly IS IPTV (television over Internet Protocol)?

How does IPTV Work?

IPTV Microsoft

Pirillo on IPTV

Free Streaming TV & Radio on Your VLC Media Player


Free IPTV from
Free IPTV from


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      victor fisher 7 weeks ago

      who do i speak to to get iptv

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      UK TV For You 20 months ago

      We have a free trial for our Mag250. Test out our 200 UK channels service. Full 48 hour trial

      All the best sport, movies and entertainment with 7 day catch up and HD services

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      kari kolstad 3 years ago

      i am in turkey Connected to internett by TT NETT...Can I juse that and be connercted to IPTV?

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      DORCIL Lypenjyn Guyvaldo 5 years ago

      How can i use IPTV on my PC

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      Avik Mitra 6 years ago

      I Want To Utilise IPTV In Mine Computer