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Free Microsoft Office for iPad, Mac, Windows, and Android

Updated on January 5, 2013

Microsoft Office is a pretty nice office suite. It's been around for a long time, has a large userbase, and plenty of features. One of the biggest turn-offs, however, is the price tag; for the most part, it costs over $100. Fortunately an amazing service from the company OnLive, the pioneer of console-class cloud gaming, has an amazing service titled OnLive Desktop. OnLive Desktop is an isolated cloud-based Windows 7 PC with Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word included for free. It is available as an app for iPads and Android tablets over 7", and with a few tricks it can be used perfectly on your Mac or Windows PC too.


  • An iPad, Mac, Windows PC (XP, Vista, or 7), or Android tablet (7" or greater)
  • An OnLive account, which you can sign up for here
  • A decent internet connection

iPad Instructions

It only takes a few short steps to have Microsoft Office on your iPad:

  1. Search for "OnLive Desktop" in the App Store
  2. Download and install
  3. Sign in, and done!

Mac and Windows Instructions

Update: Video created! scroll to the bottom of the list of steps to watch it!

Note that the following instructions were written with a Windows machine in mind, but the process should be the same either way.

  1. Download Bluestacks, a program for running Android on a PC, here for Windows and here for Mac
  2. Install using the default options
  3. Click the blue magnifying glass search icon in the upper-right corner
  4. Type in "browser" and click Find
  5. Click Install next to Dolphin Browser Mini
  6. Click My Apps in the top left corner
  7. Click Dolphin Browser Mini
  8. Click Next through all of the default options, and when it asks you for your email address click Skip
  9. In the URL field, type in (those are zeroes)
  10. Click OK on the save as screen
  11. Wait a few seconds for the download to finish, then click and drag from the statusbar at the top
  12. click com.onlive.desktop-104621.apk
  13. Click Install, then Open
  14. Sign in, and enjoy!

To reopen at any time, simply reopen Bluestacks, click My Apps, and then click OnLive Desktop.

Android Instructions

Method 1:

  1. Open up Google Play
  2. Search for "Onlive Desktop"
  3. Download, install, and have fun!

Method 2(if you don't have Google Play or it doesn't show up):

  1. Open up Settings
  2. Go to Security and check Unknown Sources (may differ in location depending on OS version)
  3. Go here from a browser on the device
  4. Pull down Notification drawer and tap it when the download finishes
  5. Install, and you're done!


FREE?!?!? How can that be legal?

Onlive: has a license from Microsoft to offer this service.

Bluestacks: based on the free and open source Android operating system

OnLive Desktop (the download): Is a free download from Google Play

I had a problem!

Comment below and I'll be happy to help you :)

Where are the files saved?

The files are saved to and accessible anywhere from


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