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Free Network Monitoring Software

Updated on February 17, 2010

Networx !

Free Network Monitoring

Network monitoring tool was expert Internet users’ tool years ago. But now even beginners and mid-level users need them as we are living in a world with a variety of network options.  Your Internet connection and bandwidth may be different from mine. So network monitoring tools are always a good option if you really want to keep an eye on what’s actually happening while you browse the internet or downloading. In my case, I am using a connection with unlimited download facility between 2.00 AM to 8.00 AM. This is the interval at which I do happy browsing and downloading. But that’s not the case for rest of the time. I have to pay extra if I exceeded the total monthly download limit. So I have to keep monitoring my transferred amount of data to save my money. I am doing this with Networx.

Searching the net for a good network monitoring tool may end up in a purchase in most of the cases if you are really looking for software that you need in your office or enterprise. But what if you are looking for FREE software that can monitor your Internet usage and other purposes by providing handy facilities and built-in functions? Yes, I am talking about such a tool. Networx.

This is not a shareware. It is completely free and after installation, you are working on a full version. Networx is really an awesome tool that keeps track of almost all details you want for your mid level networking. It provides some cool features as mentioned below. The best thing I like in this software is the level of customization it offers. Whatever may be your type of connection, ISP, download limit, usage limit, etc., It does the task for you by deeply monitoring and informing you at right time and providing real time statistics for everything you do.


Some of the cool features are

· Personalized setup for Dial-up and Broadband connection types.

· Providing in-depth net statistics.

· On demand Pinging.

· Speed Meter.

· Usage Statistics.

· Usage and Quota management.

· Graphical representation of data transfer.

· Detailed representation of upload and download data.

· Effective notifications and alerts.

· Route trace facility.

I know it sounds really cool. The tool is that much effective. Now it has become a part of my must-have utilities. Don’t think that this software consumes too much of memory. The interesting part is that you wouldn’t feel decrease in performance in any form. It works on a little memory but processes tasks more efficiently than other tools. I have experimented with a lot of tools. But I found this one the most powerful and effective network monitoring tool.


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