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Free Screenwriting Software!

Updated on May 3, 2014


Before you even THINK of writing a screenplay, you should get some form of software to assist you on the journey down screewriting ave.

NOTE: It is not 100% necessary to have screenplay writing software to help you write a screenplay, heck, Quinton Tarantino hand writes his screenplays. But with software, the mind aching formatting process can be shrunken down tremendously.

That being said… LET’S GET INTO THIS!



Celtx is a free screenplay writing software that comes equipped with not just screenwriting tools, but with playwriting, Audio/Visual, Audio Play, Storyboard, Comic Book, and Novels. This is a great software that gives you all of the tools that you need to make your screenplay. One of my favorite features of Celtx is the Cloud that it has. Download the app on your smartphone, save your screenplays to the cloud, and you can work on the go! Celtx takes away the terrible formatting and makes it a fun, easy process, allowing you to focus on nothing but what matters: your story.


Adobe Story

Adobe story is another great Screenplay Writing Software, and once again, it can be accessed for free. Like Celtx, this is another very intuitive, helpful software that eliminates a lot of the pain that comes from writing a screenplay. Adobe Story’s main purpose is the cloud (ever since Adobe CC), and because of this, once again, your screenplays will be accessible from anywhere. This application goes hand and hand with Celtx, and I can not say which one is better than which. Both are very helpful tools that serve the same purpose: make writing screenplays easy. If you want to step it up a notch, you can purchase a more in-depth version of Adobe Story that unlocks lots of collaboration features.

Microsoft Word Templates

For the record, I do not necessarily recommend this. However, if you head on over to and make a quick search for a screenwriting microsoft word template, you will find some templates that are accessible. It will not be as easy using this, and there will definitely still be some headaches from this choice, but still it will eliminate some of the torture.


Paid Applications

Not everyone wants to spend money on apps for writing screenplays, however what you are paying for will unlock lots of extra gadgets. This is the case with FInal Draft. FInal Draft is a widely-used paid application for writing screenplays. The features that are built into this software far surpass that of any free software. Headaches will be all but eliminated, and once you learn the software, nothing can stop your creativity and writing flow. Though free applications are great, this paid software gives you triple as many features than celtx or Adobe Story Free.


These are just my suggestions for what software you should use, and obviously there are a lot more options out there. However, I believe that these are the best options for the price. Remember, these are tools. Everything here is a viable option, even hand writing it is a viable option, whichever you prefer is really the most important thing. Once you have finished with the difficult process of choosing what software to get, head on over to the screenwriting format article, and learn how to get started with writing your actual screenplay!


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