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Free Web Conferencing Software, Live Minutes Review

Updated on January 5, 2012

Live Minutes is a free web conferencing software that allows user to share and discuss document with others in real time.

We are used to sending our document; excel design sheets and photoshop images to our client and colleagues to get the feedback via email or via DropBox. The responses from your team are bit slow as usual and we’re not sure they are referring to the same items.

By using Live Minutes, it you could collaborate much faster and everyone will be on the same page. To start a web conference, just sign up and you could be ready to host the web conference within minutes.

Once you have login, click Host a Meeting to start the web conference. Invite your team to the meet by sharing Live Minutes link. You could email the link; share it using Facebook or Twitter.

As usual you need to plug in your headset and microphone to the laptop. For better audio and video communication use skype, if not the communication could be bit choppy. Just enter your skype id and ensure you have login to skype as well. Once the other participants have login to the web conference they will call you. Just answer the incoming call from skype to add other participant to the meeting.

Once everyone there you could start uploading your file to the site and collaborate with your team members about the document. Live Minutes whiteboard is useful tool to discuss ideas.

Once the meeting is over, the system generates a nice report that captures the meeting interactions. For further details, visit Live Minutes. Yes it is free, now!

Live Minutes, Free Web Conferencing Software

Live Minutes DashBoard
Live Minutes DashBoard | Source


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