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Free Website Design Software

Updated on August 10, 2016

Free Website Design Software

Getting a website designed and up and running on the Internet is fairly easy, even for one who is not a professional website designer. You don't have to be a web professional to put your own site together. You can avoid the high cost of hiring a web design company or a website designer by opting to build it yourself.

The beginner web designer has many options available to choose from when deciding how to go about creating web pages or building a website. High quality but expensive web design software, like Adobe Dreamweaver (and a few others), enables one to create visually appealing designs with just a little practice but they may be too expensive for the beginner web designer.

The good news is you don't have to spend a lot of money for a website builder to get your web pages online. Free website design software makes the job quick and easy and there is plenty of free software to choose from when one begins to create a site. You may be surprised at just how easy it is to achieve professional looking results using free web design software. Let's take a look at some free programs that can get your web site designed and live on the web.

Free Web Design Text Editors

One type of free web design software is the common, garden variety text editor that comes with every computer. Many web design beginners probably don't know that a text editor can be used as an easy website builder but it is true. Your computer's built-in text editing program is one form of free web designing software that can be used to create the HTML code of a web page. (HTML is Hyper Text Mark-up Language, the formatting code for web pages.)

If you are willing to do a little reading on (and a little experimenting with) HTML, you can design a website in a simple text editor like Windows Notepad. There are several sites online that will give you all the basic HTML coding knowledge you need to format your web pages with a simple text editor. There are links to a few of these sites below.

A great, free text editor that you can use to design your website's pages is Notepad++. This great little text editor has some very nice coding features that Windows Notepad doesn't have and which make this program a useful web design tool. Notepad++ was designed with the programmer in mind so it has a lot of helpful features that make it an excellent HTML web editor for creating websites. Full featured yet simple to use...and free. You can download the free Notepad++ here.

Web Design Code Sample

Website Design Code Sample
Website Design Code Sample

HTML Web Design Tutorials

HTML coding is not difficult to learn. You don't have to be a programmer to learn HTML web design. If you can use a simple text editor, you can easily learn how to design web pages in HTML code using your favorite text editor. It is a good idea to learn how to code your first web page in a text editor using HTML because later, when you start visually designing web sites with a WYSIWYG visual web editor, knowing HTML will make it much easier to find and correct errors on web pages by viewing the HTML source code the web page is built on.

Here are some links to web pages where you can learn HTML code so you can design your website in a text editor:

HTML Tutorial:

HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Tutorials:

Web Design - HTML Coding Tutorial - HTML Code:

YouTube video links for learning HTML:

If you decide to use a text editor to design web pages, you will need an FTP (file transfer protocol) program to upload your finished web pages to your web hosting folders for display on the web. Learning how to publish your website pages by using an FTP program is very easy. If you know know how to click and drag icons on your computer, you can master the FTP upload of your web site files.

FileZilla is a free, full-feature FTP program you can use for this. Download FileZilla here:

Here is a video showing how to FTP your website files using FileZilla.

WYSIWYG Web Editing Software and Free Web Templates

For those who prefer a visual web design option, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML design software can help. WYSIWYG design programs allow you to create a web page without necessarily having to learn HTML. It is possible to create a webpage or website visually using free WYSIWYG HTML editing software, either from scratch or by modifying a web template. There are thousands of website templates you can download from the web. Here are some sites to find free web templates you can modify with an HTML editor:

Free Website Templates:

Free Web Design Templates:

Open Source Web Templates:

Free Web Design Software

There are many free web design programs to choose from but we will limit our options in this article to just a handful of simple, free website editors. Any one of these HTML editing programs will allow one to easily create a website and publish the web site to the web.

SeaMonkey is a cross-platform (operates on multiple computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix) WYSIWYG web editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux available from Mozilla. It is actually a suite of programs including a web browser, email program, newsgroup reader, FTP program, chat program, and a WYSIWYG web designer program.

You can get SeaMonkey here:

Arachnophilia is a cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor that many website builders use to create websites and upload them via the built in FTP function. Arachnophilia can be downloaded here:

Arachnophilia for Windows or Arachnophilia for non-Windows operating systems.

Another Windows web editor is Trellian Webpage. This is a WYSIWYG web builder that features a drag and drop interface, color HTML highlighting for easier coding and editing, and claims support for thousands of Adobe Photoshop plugins. You can get Trellian Webpage here:

My favorite free, WYSIWYG web design software is Kompozer. This HTML design editor is derived from it's predecessor, Nvu. Kompozer is based on Mozilla, as is SeaMonkey, but it is not a full suite. It is, however, an excellent free web design program with both HTML and visual editing views, built in FTP function, CSS editor, and tabbed editing so you can work on multiple web pages simultaneously.

Kompozer also has good community support via a forum and via numerous videos online. You also get the benefit of learning how to use Kompozer via existing Nvu tutorials as many of the basic functions of both programs are the same. Using Kompozer with free web templates is a powerful, easy way to get your website designed and uploaded in a short amount of time. You could even hone your newfound web design skills with Kompozer and web templates to the point of becoming a professional web designer or web developer. But if you just want to learn how to design web pages, or create a website, Kompozer is a great web design resource, and it is completely free. That's a hard combination to beat, in my mind! You can download Kompozer here:

Kompozer Web Design Software Resources

A great book to learn HTML web design

HTML, XHTML & CSS by Elizabeth Castro
HTML, XHTML & CSS by Elizabeth Castro

Learn Web Design from Books

There are many good books available to teach yourself how to design web pages, if you prefer to learn by reading offline. I found this particular book very helpful when I first learned how to design a website:

HTML, XHTML & CSS by Elizabeth Castro

Other HTML and Web Design Books

Free Web Design Software Can Help You Make Money Online

I hope this information helps you as you learn how to create a web site. Learning web design is fun, a lot easier than many think, and it not only lets you create your space on the Internet, but may also lead to a new way to make money online by creating your own profitable web sites, or by designing web sites for others. Free web designing software makes it easy to do. Go for it!


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  • davidverma profile image

    David Verma 

    3 years ago from India

    These website design software are helpful for web designers, thanx for sharing.

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    Charles K. 

    3 years ago from United States

    Thanks Weber London.

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    Weber London 

    3 years ago

    Nice, good information, thanks for sharing.

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    Charles K. 

    7 years ago from United States

    Thanks, sevandesigns. I'm glad you found it useful.

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    Charles K. 

    7 years ago from United States

    Thanks, Fleurfavs!

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    7 years ago

    Got plenty of resources here..Great information.

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    Charles K. 

    8 years ago from United States

    You're welcome, vgf1968. I'm glad you found it useful.

  • vgf1968 profile image


    8 years ago from Casper, Wyoming

    I just started using Kompozer for a weekly newsletter. Thanks for sharing this with us. I found it very useful and interesting!

  • Charles K. profile imageAUTHOR

    Charles K. 

    8 years ago from United States

    azure0434, thanks for the comment and for pointing out that a good Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla is also another free web site design software option. One thing I like about Joomla is that there are so many free themes (templates) for it online.


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