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Free Wordpress Themes for Photography

Updated on January 1, 2013

WordPress is known to be a very versatile platform to build websites, especially for Creatives including Photographers. Coupled with slide/gallery plugins, your website can really look professional and catchy.

There are drawbacks to using free themes, with the main disadvantage being that access to website support from the developer may be limited if at all available. Usually Developers tease potential premium clients with free themes giving them a taste of better things -- i.e. premium themes.

Nonetheless, there are some really nice looking free Wordpress Templates, many of which are responsive and professional looking on which you may like to showcase your prized images with.


Wideley is a minimalist theme for photographers. It has a suave looking blog layout and even better looking portfolio which has a neat way of collecting photos of a particular (clicked) category. As pro. as this theme is, the customizations possible are a bit minimal.


Snapshot is a simple yet versatile theme from WooThemes through which you can select to have either a photoblog or a gallery website. Although it’s free, there are a number of features that are very useful to produce a professional looking site such as custom page templates and ‘code-less’ customizations such the option to upload your own logo or add a tracking code e.g. google analytics code.


Photoria has a magazine appeal with a feature slider, thumbnails with snippets from the related post and a widgetized footer. The portfolio pages and subpages can be very useful to a photographer who wishes to organize sample photos into different categories or events. It also has two page templates including the full post width and sidebar on the left. Photoria may not have a lot options to customize but it is fairly sophisticated and has basic elements a photographer needs to present a portfolio and blog.


With a single display image and a left-side text feel, Hatch can offer a personalized professional showcase for a photographer. The gallery of thumbnails may appear to be linked to a slideshow, but they are actually connected to blog posts. The portfolio page is basic with a pop-up (manual) slideshow upon clicking a photo. This minimalist theme with its white background has the basic features for a photographer, is highly customizable and is responsive.


Neptune is an attractive theme with a thumbnail magazine layout. A full width template, a blog setup with feature images for each post and shortcodes (for boxes, highlights, even columns, buttons) make Neptune a great basic photography website. One thing to note is that this template doesn’t have a portfolio section.

A Free Wordpress Theme may be all you need

These themes explored are a few of the better free Wordpress themes specially suited for photographers or persons who wish their website/blog to have a visual appeal. The magazine layout with thumbnails is highly popular. The full width option is almost mandatory to have. A blog layout with a feature header image, and sidebar is another popular option.

The lightbox effect is crucial to have with a photography website, but one of the most important things to think of is if the template is responsive. Mobile devices are ever so popular in this era, and it’s good to know that your website will look great on a laptop, desktop, android device, iPhone and other diverse devices.

Some free themes will have support which may require a payment, but it’s always good to check out premium options if you wish to access more customizations and thus greater flexibility. Nonetheless, a free theme maybe just the basics of what you need.


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    • theblackedition profile image

      Shane Brown-Daniels 4 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for sharing your Sally. Will check out Photium.

    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 4 years ago from Norfolk

      Currently use Photium for my website which is template based but not free. One receive the most incredible customer service from them - second to none I would say. These ideas are definitely worth exploring if you want to have your own photography web presence. Thanks for sharing.