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Free advertising Vs Paid advertising – Which is better to get hits to a website?

Updated on October 21, 2014

The ultimate goal of every internet marketer is to earn money. You come online and start a business to sell your products or services and earn money. The key to earning money on money making sites is the amount of traffic you receive per day and the total conversion rates of your products. At times, you might receive huge amounts of traffic and zero sales. This is because you try to get hits to a website from irrelevant sources that are not interested to purchase your products or join your program. This is why it is recommended to understand the importance of quality traffic. There are different ways to get instant traffic to your website. Some of them are free methods and others cost you money. Here are some considerations whether to use free programs or paid ones to get hits to a website

Free ways to receive traffic

There is no limit to the number of free ways to receive traffic to your site. Right from article marketing strategies to blog commenting tasks, you can try different ways to build back links and generate traffic to your website. The good thing with this method is that you don’t need to spend money here. You can either work on your own or outsource this work to someone else.

However, the downside of this method is that traffic generation takes time. When you post content on a website, it takes time to get that article indexed by Google. Over the time, the article gets value and brings in more traffic. So, you need to build quality links and wait for the returns to get hits to a website.

Paid advertising programs

Another easy option to receive huge traffic to your website is to opt for paid advertising programs. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Chitika are some of the popular options within this category. By paying the required amount, you can receive huge traffic. The good thing with paid programs is that there is instant traffic. As soon as you create an ad and make it live, traffic starts flowing in. The amount of traffic you receive depends on the amount you can afford to spend. However, the downside of paid programs is that you need to spend money on this. Secondly, if you are not attentive in using proper keywords, you receive irrelevant hits to a website and thereby spend lot of money. So you need to be careful while choosing these programs for the first time.

The ideal choice is to combine free advertising programs and paid ones to receive instant traffic as well as back links for your website.


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    • suvitharoja profile image

      suvitharoja 5 years ago from India


      Thank you for stopping by.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I guess the main thought is how much traffic do you want to generate and how quickly? Great insight on using ads to generate traffic to a website. Thanks for the advice.