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Free cell phone minutes-Yes! FREE!!!

Updated on October 27, 2011

Have a cell phone without a contact or a bill

For a little over a year I had a cell phone with ATT, the sign up and buying of the phone took over 3 hours in the store, because of their computers, I got charged twice and it was a lot of wasted time. About 3 months into the service I called because my bill kept going up and up. When I called they said I had went over on my minutes, the 6+ page bill was so confusing, come to find out they did not set me up in the plan I had requested and so I was going over the minutes. They would of course upgrade my plan but the bill and overage fees they would not remove. The whole process was a headache! Plus, the "more bars in more places" I lost more calls with ATT then with any plan I have had. So to make a long story short I cut my service off.

For mother's day 2 year ago I was looking at a phone at Krogers...yes Krogers the grocery store, they had a cute pink phone that I just had to have. I bought the phone and got 100 free minutes with the purchase of the phone. I brought it home and within 5 minutes had an up and running phone. It can surf the web, text, call waiting, 3 way calling, take photos, has a calendar, games, you can download ring tones and screen savers, calculator, countdown , stopwatch, alarm clock, voice memo option, blue tooth, just to name a few options.

Now on their website they have 12 phones some even with touch screen that I plan to make my next phone, trying to talk my husband into taking my old phone...yes the pink one. My phone is made by Sanyo, but they also have ones made by Samsung and LG, they even have an HTC Hero. The cost of the phones range from free to $129.99. But the best part.....wait for it..... FREE minutes! If you have a Kroger's Plus card...who doesn't? You can link your card to your i-wirelesshome account and every time you spend $100 at Kroger's you get 20 free minutes. Yes, there are plans you can sign up for as well. Plans cost $25 to $60 but again being a Krogers Plus card member gets you a discount on plan cost.

monthly cost talk text web browsing + email $ 25 ** 200 unlimited 200 MB

$ 40 ** 1000 unlimited 500 MB

$ 60 * unlimited 2500 MB

All i-wireless plans come with free incoming text messages, long distance at no extra charge, and exceptional nationwide digital coverage on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network. You can carry forward 1500 unused minutes each month.

Or you can pay-as-you-go. I was on a plan but changed to the free minutes program since we shop at Kroger's a lot it wasn't worth having the plan. You can add time at anytime with a credit card or by buying a minutes card.

I have NEVER had a dropped card and I haven't had a cell bill for over a year! Maybe this option isn't ever everyone, but with the cost of cell phone service it's worth it to check out, and for that teenager or younger child you want to give a phone to but not have a crazy bill every month and not spend a lot for a phone they might lose this is a great option. The only downside is that you can't trade up your phone, I made a suggestion on their site to make that an option but with the phones being cheap it's not a big deal, I plan to give my phone to my younger sister who is 13 when I get my new phone.


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      lazarrius toliver 5 years ago

      i really want this pink phone cause i have never in my life had on