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5-in-1 Kids Pack HD for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Updated on May 15, 2013

This is the perfect educational game for children with tr. it, inquisitive minds. As the title suggests, it's five puzzle 414 games in one app. But it's so much more than that. All of the puzzles are match-based games, he first two require the player to flip over cards to reveal the pictures, letters or numbers behind. Match two to score a point, accompanied by the sound of children cheering. The third card-based game tasks the player with tapping on the card indicated by an audio cue, and the fourth game is time-based. Finish the game in a short amount of time and you'll be awarded with a celebratory message and the chance to enter your name on a scoreboard. Each game is fully customisable, with both difficulty levels and themes (the difficulty levels range from four cards to 30, and the themes include animals, letters and numbers). There's also a multiplayer mode included with the second match-based game. Each player takes turns to reveal the cards, and when a match is successful the player gets another attempt. In all there are dozens of game variations — certainly enough to keep children entertained for an afternoon.

5-in-1 Kids Pack HD
5-in-1 Kids Pack HD

The audio is a high point in this game. Each card includes an audio cue, so reveal a picture of the letter 'c' and a child will say it. Adults also chime in to repeat words, animals and letters on screen, which combines to form a classroom-like atmosphere. The music selection present within the app is also cheerful and fast paced. Together, the dialogue, sound effects and music work in harmony to create a pleasant and exiting environment for children.

You'll find two versions of 5-in-1, one for the iPhone and another for the iPad. Both are priced the same, and both include the same features. If you have the choice go for the iPad version — the buttons are larger and the high-resolution graphics are more appealing. Multiplayer is also easier as both children can sit around the screen. Either way, this is a fantastic and affordable game.


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