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Free iPhone Music Apps

Updated on July 16, 2011

Music. We love it. Especially when that music can be played in our hand, on an iPhone. We love the portability of being able to carry our music around, share it with friends, or listen in solitude. It can become the hidden soundtrack of our lives.

The iPhone app store is full of different applications, ranging from great business apps, to not so great games. Some of the best iPhone apps are music apps. Somehow the creators knew how much we love music, and had the shrewdness to make many good music apps - and the best part of it all? Many of these created are free iPhone music apps. Excited yet? You should be.

Here is a list of all the best iPhone apps which are also free iPhone music apps.


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Other iPhone Lists


One of the best iPhone applications involving music. Hands down. This little application works like the popular website Pandora. You choose your favorite artists, and genres, and the application will create a playlist with you which is similar to your interests. As you progress through the list you can choose if you like or dislike the songs, and as you build up your interests your playlist will change. Eventually you'll have the perfect playlist. It's an incredible free iPhone music app.



One of the coolest free iPhone music apps out there, and when one of the best iPhone applications.  It's so good, and cool, because of it's simplicity.  What this free iPhone music app does is, wherever you are, if there is music playing, you can use this app to determine what song it is and who sings it.  All you do is hold the iPhone speakers close or near to the music and the iPhone will search its massive database for an answer.  This is hands down one of the best free iPhone music apps. 


This free iPhone music app is a lot like Pandora.   It requires you to have an account on its website, but once that down this acts like what it is - one of the best iPhone applications.  It will stream music for free from your profile, enable you to decide what you and like and what you don't, purchase songs from iTunes, and create your own personal playlists.  A free iPhone music app that should not be missed.



The new guy in the neighborhood. This free iPhone music app acts like its competitors and Pandora. It give you access to a library of thousands songs of good quality and good variety. It also gives you access to hundreds of customized radio stations, as well as allow you to create your own. It's one of the best iPhone applications because its free and does what other have done just as well, and in some areas better.


iHeart Radio

This neat little free iPhone music app gives you access to thousands of FM radio stations across the country. At any time tune into a station in New York and then the next moment into a station in Vegas. It's as easy as it sounds, which makes it one of the best iPhone applications. iHeart radio is free iPhone music app which is a must download.



Talk about your all inclusive.  TuneWiki gives you access to music, lyrics, locations of bands, what other people are listening's a free music iPhone music that gives you your bang for your buck - except that you don't have to pay a buck.  TuneWiki is one of the best iPhone applications because it gives you quality, and lots of it. 



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    • RalphGreene profile image

      RalphGreene 6 years ago

      You did post more informative hub. Great job vanchen.

    • profile image

      News Innovations 7 years ago

      You have provided some very useful applications to make iPhone more interesting and useful. Apart from apps, there are some hardware specifically designed for iPhone and iPods to make them more useful and use as a projector or Universal remote.