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Free Web Domains

Updated on November 12, 2011

Free Domain

Free Domains come in many shapes and sizes. However, sometimes we find out that some free domains are actually sub-domains. These sites are actually a great way to on the web for free. They are also great if you want to practice building web-pages. The list of these providers is so large that I cannot list them. Besides that, almost all that I have found are sub-domains of sorts. Example: I am sure you have heard of one. Read on, they actually are handy.



During one of my extensive "free domain" searches I came across a site that actually offers you a free domain. Absolutely 100% free. It has no catch except that the domain name receives 25 hits in 90 days. However they do not provide hosting. Free hosting is just a matter of signing up for one of the sub-domain accounts. There are many free places that allow you to build a free sub domain site. They have many rules. Some come with ads and some do not have any embedded ads allowing you to place your own ads . Free websites and or Internet domains are available all over the web. Practicing how to build Internet domains on free sites will help in the process of building websites.


This is where these free sub-domain hosts come in handy. I found with a free domain you can easily re-direct it to one of these sites.

Hint: It is suggested that you check for your domain name, build your site, then get the name as they do not host. What you have to do is have a place ready that you re-direct your new free domain name to. It could be anywhere really. A web site, blog, anywhere. They do have terms for what kind of site it could be, however, set-up is fairly easy and most seem to be user friendly.

I have already built some using the free sub-domain sites and simply re-directing my new domain to it.

The site is called

Where To Get Your Free Domain

 Basically the set-up is simple. Just follow the simple steps for sign-up, have your site ready, or where-ever you want to direct it. That is it. All free. Check it out. It's fun.

Create a Free Backling To your site/blog.

Now that you have built your site it's time to promote it. The site listed below allows you to sign up for free and place a "do follow" link back to your site or blog. It's simple, around 150 words must be used in the description of your link. I've recieved lots of traffic to my hubs by posting.

Update: Free Domains Can Get Ranked

The free domains are able to get Google Ranked. Over the last few weeks I have managed to get a couple of them ranked. Since they are newly ranked they are only PR0, but it's the start. Apparently they can be ranked. I've even tried to set the free domain to one page of one of my sub domain sites. Even though that particular sub domain site is not ranked, the page of that domain name is ranked using the free domain name. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible but apparently it is. The do follow link helped also.

Another free Domain

 Co.Cc is another free domain service that will allow you to own up to four domain names under their name. After four free domain names you can have the option to donate ten dollars and then after they receive your dollars will allow you to own up to fifty domain names. an example would be ( w w w . your name. 


Buying a Domain

Buying a Domain is generally a better practice when you know a little more about building websites. Sometimes the free sites will limit the amount of optimisation (seo) available for free Internet websites. Paid hosting plans do not have that issue. Buying a Domain is not that expensive these days and there are many providers to serve many different needs.  

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