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Freeup Mobile Cell Phone Service Full Review 2019 Free Your Phone From a Bill!

Updated on March 11, 2019
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Dwight the Blogger aka 2Phonez is a prolific videographer with videos up on his Youtube channel about all aspects of technology.


What is FreeUP Mobile?

FreeUP Mobile is a newer wireless provider that offers cellphone service to a minimum of $0/month! The run on the top #1 GSM LTE provider in America. They offer blazing fast speeds with no restrictions! With this service, there are no special apps needed to make calls or texts. Most of all, this service will run and work on both Android phones and even iPhones! No specific device you need for this to work, Below, I will discuss how my experience using this cellphone service and who this service is for.

Steps On How To Setup Service

When you first receive your sim card in mail, it includes a start up guide along with how to use the Free UP Mobile rewards page and application. Now in order for this sim card to work in your choice of smartphone device, the phone must be compatible with GSM networks such as At&t and T-Mobile and be unlocked. If your device has installments still on it, its a possibility this may not work. Please make sure your device is paid off and won't have an outstanding balance on it. There will be some APN settings you have to input in your device. If you are unsure of how to do it, have another person to do it for you that you trust. Below is an image of the installation guide.

Includes Startup Guide


Which Plan Did I Choose?

When I signed up to the phone service, I choose the Free Plan at the time of ordering my sim. The sim card costs only $4.99. The Free Plan at the time included 500 Minutes of Talk Time or Text Messaging with 100MB of LTE data. If you need additional Talktime and data each will cost $5 extra to add. 250 Minutes $5 and $5 for 250MB of LTE data.


New Free Plan ONLY Includes 1000 Talk and Texts. If you need data, add 250MB LTE for $5.

How Was the Call Quality and Text Messaging?

For this free service basic plan, you are able to use your default dialer apps and messaging apps that are already included with your mobile phone device. There is no need to download additional apps for this free service! This is what makes it stand out.

So you are using the At&t Network with this phone service. I checked my coverage map and it was great for making calls. A couple of Android devices I have included enhanced calling features that make calls HD. So these extra may have helped improve the call quality. People on the other side said that I came very clear. This very considering this phone plan I am using was $0/Monthly! You also can use your default voicemail service that is included with the device if other users decide to leave a voicemail.

For texting and SMS messaging I was able to use Google's SMS app (Android messages). I was able to receive Youtube links, web links, and images and pictures with no issues. Even GIFs came through quickly to my device. So iPhone users on iMessage, yes you are able to use your iMessage app even without WiFi. This is also the same for Android. I was able to message and text over WiFi using my default SMS app.

How Is the Data Speeds?

So, I'm sure this what most important to people in the world! Your data speeds. Now it may seem that 100MB of LTE data is nothing at all. In some places, this can be used up in just seconds. So, I will warn those that like doing speed tests this will use up that free 100MB of data. On the official Free UP Mobile website, they claim to promise no data cap speeds although they mentioned you'll get speeds up to 50Mbps on the LTE data. In my findings and testing the data speeds, I did see 20mbps + for downloads and 8mbps upload on the At&t network where I lived and just by doing that one test I was almost halfway down with my data. But with just 100MB of LTE data, this is still good for using to read emails and messages and browsing the web. But in most browsers and messaging apps, they will include Data Saving options, so you might want to turn these settings on when you set up the sim on a device. Also, most phones include a Data Saver feature in the settings menu. So, just turned this on when away from WiFi. But if 100MB of LTE data isn't enough for you, can add on 250MB of data for $5 or upgrade your free plan to the $10 plan which includes 1GB of LTE data.

Samsung Max Vpn App Review

What Are the Downsides To Using FreeUp Mobile?

The main downsides to this service are that there isn't active WiFi calling included on the free plan. You'll actually have to download their WiFi Calling app called FreeUP Talk. From my testings, the app is actually is buggy and pretty much broken (On the Android Platform). So you are better off with an additional calling and texting app that works over WiFi, such as TextNow, Google Voice, or even WhatsApp. Another downside is there is no call-forwarding, meaning you cant receive calls from your FreeUp Mobile number on another device. Another downside is that there is no international calling included. You'll have to upgrade to one of Global talk and text plans that they have available. You will also need their FreeUp Talk app to make international calls with the mobile number. Yes, charges and data rates will apply. The final downside is that the new free plan doesn't include any internet or data at all. Youll need to buy a data plan on your account or depend on WiFi hotspots, which they have partnered with over 4 million different wifi hotspots in the world.

The Final Verdict and Why Choose FreeUP?

What do I think about the overall phone service, you asked? I loved it! I did actually enjoy this phone service. There is nothing gimmicky or sketchy or scammy about it! It just worked for me! No additional apps needed to be downloaded to make calls and texts. It was as if I was using a traditional phone service that came from the big 5 major carriers in the US! What was even more surprising about it all is that the places I would normally lose coverage and signal at on other carriers and networks, I kept coverage and signal!

Overall this was the best experience on a phone service, Free UP Mobile is new to a lot of people. But I will definitely recommend this phone service to consumers that are tired of the overpriced phone plans and bad customer service and that are forced to download all of these VOIP apps that have bad call quality and messages not going through all the time. Just make sure to check the coverage map before signing up and switching.

So is FreeUP Mobile for? Is it for you? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

FreeUP Mobile Full Review 2019

5 stars for FreeUP Mobile Phone Service Rating


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      thanks for checking out this post.

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      Amran Mohammed Ahmed Othman 

      17 months ago from Yemen sana'a

      Top 10 Secret Codes for Oppo phone...

      you visit link below


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