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FreedomPop Global Sim Card Review

Updated on August 10, 2016

What Is FreedomPop?

Lately been on a role with trying different carriers and networks and things. For some reason, I wanted to test the waters with this so-called freemium carrier called FreedomPop. What is FreedomPop you asked? Will be glad to explain.

FreedomPop is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that uses Sprint and At&t networks to give its customers data and internet services for low costs to none. When I mean none, I mean customers are able to use this service for FREE! Yes, Free! But haven’t millions of people jump shift to such a Free service? Are there any tricks or gimmicks or scams and a catch involved? Well, to be honest, I would say there is a simple no than a complicated yes. It's actually both. But it wouldn't be more of scam, just how FreedomPop runs their business. Some wouldn’t understand. This is very understandable for an average consumer and people that want to be easy on their pockets but still have a great phone service without having to sacrifice so much. So to answer you all question about FreedomPop being a free service? There is a yes and a no. There is a limit to the Free service.

For the phone service, you get 200 minutes of talk time, 500 texts, and 200MB of free data. If that not enough there 1st plan is $19.99 for unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data. Still not bad for what it cost with Project Fi, Republic Wireless and Metro PCS with their unlimited talk and text with 1GB included plans. Just to name a few. They also allow you to collect free data each month as well if you want to stay on the free plan. Get into this below. They have separate sim cards for Sprint and At&t. At&t sim card model is the Global Sim card version. Since At&t is GSM it will work in any unlocked iPhone or Android device that supports GSM sim cards or even a device that runs off T-Mobile if the device is unlocked. Purchase this global sim card kit for a low price of $4.99 today on the deal of the day tab on FreedomPop official website or for $9.99 on Amazon Prime. When I ordered my sim the price was only $1! So this is was all I spent to order and setup. Let's get to discussing the experience and setup.

Setting Up the Service

I'm on the freemium plan which is 200MB of data, 200 talk minutes, and 500 texts all for free. But when I ordered my sim and set up the account online, it shows that i am on the premium and unlimited talk and text 1GB data 30-day trial. Which I didn't see a problem with that. But there is a price to pay once the first 30 days is over. They will charge me $19.99 for the unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data if I do not opt out of this plan they included with my initial setup. Also, the premium service which includes rollover data up to 20GB of data be stored for whenever you need it and visual voicemail package will cost me $7.99 if I don't opt out before my 30 or 29 days of the service is up to me to go back down to the freemium. Now, this may sound like a ripoff or trick to others and it is sort of is. But the way they looking at it is that this maybe a way to get a new customer to stay with the service. But is it?

The sim setup wasn’t that big of a deal. Of course, you turn off your device. Whether its the FreedomPop phone or your own phone. Yes, you can bring your own device to FreedomPop now. Most phones today use a nano sim card. So you insert sim card next. Turn phone back on. I noticed I didn't see a data connection. But the instructions are simple to do. I go to my phone settings, then tap on the more tab under the data usage tab in settings. Now look for the tab that says “Cellular networks”. Tap that tab and now tap on Access Point Names (APN). One you are you in this tab you hit the + button. Because I had to manually setup. In the Name tab, I had to type in “FreedomPop”. Next in APN tab underneath I typed in “”. Once this was complete I save it so it can show up under the main APN tab and select it. Now once this is finished, we still not done yet, make sure I turn on data roaming for data. This last step is to reboot phones and see with you get a data connection. Once you get a connection then you now service.

FreedomPop apps you can use with service- My FreedomPop, FreedomPop Messaging, Voicemail
FreedomPop apps you can use with service- My FreedomPop, FreedomPop Messaging, Voicemail

The Calling, Texting, and Data

So now, how do you make calls and text you asked? Well truthfully if you want to text and call you would have to download FreedomPop’s own messaging app, which will allow you to sign into your new account and also see your usage. The app seemed ok for texting and calling, but it was just acting weird and the Interface is so poor looking I would recommend the FreedomPop app at all! But I tried linking my FreedomPop phone number to my main messaging to apps to see if I can sync my number with apps like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and even WhatsApp. These apps did not recognize my Freedompop phone number. So I have seen somewhere on Youtube where this guy mentions just set you up a Google Voice number to use for free and link it to Hangouts for SMS and free calls. Hangouts app has improved a whole on Android for some time now. And call quality from what my experienced has been just fine. Another drawback to this is the 200MB of data. But there is always room for looking and searching for some wifi hotspots, right? At least your calls and text will be free with Google Voice. Using Hangouts on data usually, doesn’t eat data. Only on chat messages and video chats.

My First Impression Video FreedomPop

Free Data Offerings For Life!

Is there anything else you can do to keep data free or get more data? Yes, there is. Freedompop gives you offers to do or to take action doing. You can earn data each month by downloading apps on your mobile phone, watching commercials, and applying for loans or get quotes for Car insurance. These are just a few examples. FreedomPop also has a share data offer. Where you can invite your family and friends to Freedompop or share your own specific link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get people to accept your invite. Now by doing it this way you can earn up to 1GB of high-speed data for free each month! So that 1GB + 200MB you are already promised of data each month, you will have 1.2GB of data free! Now you maybe wondering how do you find users who have FreedomPop and how to send people invitations to sign up. Below there is a tutorial on how to check your FreedomPop account. So watch the video and make notes. In my first week, I have gained an extra 550MB of shared data. This will be extra data each month for me in my account. So so far I will have 750MB of data every month. But I am able to get at least 1GB of data for free each month. Since I'm always around wifi all the time whether on the job or at home, the free 1GB of data plus the 200mb that are already included is more than enough for me to get by every 30 days.

The Data Speeds and Usage

The Top 3 scores are the FreedomPop on At&t Data Speeds
The Top 3 scores are the FreedomPop on At&t Data Speeds
Use data settings in phone to monitor your Data usage
Use data settings in phone to monitor your Data usage

Rollover Your Data You Don't USe

What if I don't use up all the data this provided to me? Well, I happen to get lucky to not use up all my data by 30 days each month, then it just starts me over from the 200MB I've started with or the 1GB of shared data. FreedomPop does have a rollover data service they will cost 7.99 per month to rollover data. Now some may say that is very expensive or rollover data should be free. But if you want to hold on the leftover data then the 7.99 is worth it. Remember Google Voice and Hangouts pretty much gives you free calls and text/ So using Hangouts app really not killing your data as much as you thought or think it would. But if you end up going over your data FreedomPop will charge you some overage fees. There were a lot of customers complaining about overage charges and fees that were crazy insane. I don't usually agree with how companies run their businesses or practices. But there is always a fine print and it is up to the customer’s responsibility to ask the right questions and read policies of terms and conditions before signing or agreeing to anything. So I don't always agree with the customers either. But when you are in the right, your right. I’ve been with FreedomPop before and never received an outrageous bill. So its really all in the user whether or not to go with a small company and try their products.

FreedoPop Service 2 Days Later Official Video

Do You Call This FREEDOM?

This what it will always come down to: Is this really a free phone service for everyone to use? It really depends on what free is to you and far you are willing to go to get that freedom. For my use of the service for a week now, I have master the service to make it become a free phone service for me by doing data offers and the FreedomPop friends list and making a new Google Voice number and using Hangouts for SMS and calling with using the FreedomPop Global sim card and wifi of course. I am still able to do all I would normally do with a paid phone service. Just put it like this, if you are tired of spending tons of money of on a phone bill and don't use up a lot of data, then this service is great for you. Also, if At&t coverage is good in your area, then this global sim card will run smoothly for you. If you are around WiFi hotspots in your area, Wifi-Calling will work just fine. So if all that were described and mentioned to you doesn’t all that bad of a deal, try it out for yourself. You can cancel the service at anytime. There are no termination fees.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please leave a comment below. Share this information with your family and friends that want a cheap or free phone line of service.


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