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Fring's mobile VoIP adventure

Updated on September 23, 2010

Retail Mobile VoIP

There was a time once when only businesses could make use of the many advantages of VoIP systems on a day to day basis. This was because the infrastructure and the protocols weren't in place in addition to the general lack of awareness. Skype used to be the only VoIP provider and the situation was made worse by the poor capabilities of phones in general.

Nowadays however, almost everyone has a smartphone and more and more people are beginning to use the Internet on their phones. This has caused an upsurge in the demand for mobile VoIP and providers such as Fring for example have moved in to meet it.

For a long time Fring was a company that was on the verge of providing full fledged mobile VoIP, but never really took off. There was that disaster with Skype when Fring accused the behemoth of blocking its services. Since then however, Fring has improved its service and also created an application for the iPhone 4 which allows users to chat with each other via video. It's latest move takes it into the league of heavyweights and puts it on an equal footing with providers like Skype and Google.

Mobile VoIP
Mobile VoIP

Fring to Phone

Fring already gave users the ability to talk to their GTalk friends over VoIP for free. The service was also available for MSN and users of the SIP protocol. Meaning that with a Fring application and an Internet connection you could use your mobile phone as a full fledged VoIP phone.

However the only thing lacking was the ability to use a Fring account to place calls to regular mobile and landline phones. Very recently though, this functionality was also added to Fring, thereby making it a completely rounded service.

When one compares Fring's rates to those of Skype and Google, we find that it scores over the two giants in some areas but lags behind in others - making it difficult to choose between the three. Of course, Google's service to the US is free till the end of the year and we can't take that into consideration.

Business phone systems however will have little interest in Fring's offerings. They're not the target and they would prefer to have a more personal relationship with a VoIP provider to service their needs. But one thing is fore sure - VoIP mobile phones are here to stay and they're growing fast. Look out for more innovations in this field.


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