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Finding the Best Phone For You

Updated on December 10, 2011

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Little W200i

When I bought my little w2ooi it was a newbie to the mobile market, back in 2007 but also was cheap. I did not wish it to be my dream phone and my personal assistant, but I expected it to be my mobile phone, just that.Calling and messaging, sending and receiving sms and mms, plus the amazing Walkman player, together made the little w200i.

You might know that it was packed with a blurry little VGA camera, but from the very start I knew I can’t shoot anything even inches away from me clearly with that.Camera department was that much poor that i almost forgot there exists a camera!. It was able to play videos, not in much good resolution but its walkman player was awesome when it came to audio,packed with an inbuilt equalizer. The 128 MB M2 chip was nothing sort of a relief at the first glance, but i managed with it.

My friends used mobile phones with more facilities, with good shooters, high resolution screens, but I had my baby with me and the facilities embedded in others’ phones did not confuse me at all. Not that I loved to enjoy them but I was contented with what's on mine, considering the price tag too.

I know I made an excellent choice because even after 4 years of time I am with my little w200i without a speck of a trouble. The only thing I had to do in the 4th year was to replace its battery. Nothing else changed much.It was a very good companion after all, considering the number of times I have accidentally dropped the thing on solid floors and how it managed to survive all the while!

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Ace | Source

The Smart-era

Mobile technology revolutionized very rapidly in the years followed, with Apple’s iPhone, and Androids from Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc., competing head to head, providing users with unimaginable facilities , from amazing cameras, high sensitive touch screens,high speed connectivity options to dual core clock speeds in CPU.

But my life didn’t advance at that rate, in fact no one on earth would have advanced at that rate, and I didn’t feel it necessary to move on with the each piece of gadget the companies throw . I did not worry over not having a much talked i phone, or a high end droid, for all these years.Although i didn't buy one for myself, I found the subject interesting. I knew every bit of specs on all these popular phones, because I loved to know about them. It was passionate. I read numerous reviews exploring every tiny piece in these, and watched you tube videos depicting Hands On videos, when a new device is first released to the market. I do that even now. I love to see the amazing facilities, the blazing speed of dual cores, and brilliant HD videos shot with 8 Mega Pixel cameras and the new features they carry.

The thing is, though I loved to see these devices, I never felt the temptation that any of them should be in my pocket next day. Perhaps it was because I was watching, reading daily about Smartphones flooding to the market, surpassing the predecessors by miles in performance. It did not happen yearly, monthly, but almost weekly and I was wondering what would happen after few more months of buying me even the greatest Smartphone in the market today.

Next, I did not understand how thousands and thousands applications in the iOS platform and android platform would effectively change my life. They would present me with some convenience, but still it was me. Me with me! I never wanted to play Angry Birds wasting hours and hours on a Smartphone because it was very boring to me. And I hated to see my Battery draining very easily. So it was no a must to me. I loved to have a smartphone, of course I did. But I could live without a one

Galaxy Ace

Finally, in my forth year with my little w200i I decided to taste a Smartphone, my self. But I did not go for the best one in the market, the most expensive one in the market; instead I found an affordable mid range droid for me, the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Not the greatest, not even close with the dual cores and so on, but also not the worst. It was the best for me. Yes, that was the most important thing after all, getting the best thing to suit me.

I am happy with the 5 mega pixel camera, (not the best out there, of course), about the CPU speed and amount of RAM available to me. I did not worry about others having dual cores, 8 mega pixel cameras, and higher resolution screens. It is good to have a device like a beast, but this is best for me, for my needs.

It does not pack the latest android update, but something grown old now, the FROYO thing! But to me it is very nice. I am not worrying over having Gingerbread thing or now the Ice Cream Sandwich thing in my pocket, not that I wouldn’t find them interesting, but, if what’s with me, serves my needs well, I believe its enough for me.

The Internet Browser is amazing, well to me at least. It doesn’t include flash support, yes that’s some sort of disadvantage, but I think I can live without flash in my mobile!

I love it, but still my little w200i lives with me and the new big brother Galaxy Ace!

Still it beats the big brother by few things.

1. Whenever slipped down, the only thing I can guarantee, that would survive, is my little w200i. He has proved how strong and tough he is. He doesn’t bother when few drops of water wets his front screen. I even can’t imagine how our big brother would face that!

2. Still the little one is better at texting, its physical keyboard makes messaging a breeze!Again the big one fails, its touch screen is not a very good substitution to the physical keyboard, when it comes to the messaging.

3. Bigger one provides me internet, a very good camera, video player and many applications to do this and that. Little one admits that these tasks are too big for him, and waits in my pocket without protesting.

I stay up to date, with few good news applications from the android market, and little utility software, to make things bit easier, but even now I do not play games, not angry birds or anything. First I see no point in wasting my time and draining the battery for something very simple. Secondly I think I can play better games with my pc when I am free, if I really want to play games.

I am still me

What would I do if I have a Samsung galaxy S 2, or I phone 4s? Would they change my life a lot? I don’t think so. I would spend much more, to get a crispier screen, more speed, and so on, but still it would be the same with me and my tasks. The most important thing is that I am happy with the performance of my mid range droid ( to many others), my best Smartphone( to me, of course). When I find someday, that I need something better, I will buy something new. But its not because others have it, or because the companies advertise it every where.

From Sony Ericsson W200i To Samsung Galaxy Ace

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      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      interesting read, thanks for the info.