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Front-End Development : a Great Way to Enter the World of Programming

Updated on September 7, 2017

For people that want to start programming, especially for the kind of person that has a more visual way of thinking, coding can seem too abstract, way too mathematical without enough tangible parts to work with. But, don't get stuck at the beginning, not all programming is abstract and difficult. Simply start with more visual areas and easy to understand coding techniques in the beginning and maybe you will gain new confidence and start exploring different technologies.

Build a Web Page

Many schools are beginning to understand the importance of computer skills, and in many places in the world, at least some level of computer programming is being taught. Maybe you already have worked on a school project that involves building a web page, but even if that is not the case, building a web page is a great way to start. If you have already build a simple Web Site in the past, this time try a more challenging version that will use a different programming language or more interaction. If you feel you already have enough experience why not try and build a web application with or maybe without a database. These are only some of the possibilities of Front-End development, but for this article, we'll focus on knowledge and requirements for building simple and beautiful Web Sites with some basic interactivity, nothing too fancy. This can be your first project ever and a great way to start coding, or you can reestablish your previous knowledge and get more confidence and ideas to as how to take your coding skills to the next level.

Start Before You Understand Everything

Programming and technology are fields of fast growth and development, new technologies come and go within months and even the best professionals in this area don't understand everything. This is why you have to start before you understand and trough doing understanding will come. Informing yourself is already a valuable step, but now it's time to take another step and build something yourself.

How Are Web Pages Viewed on the Internet

Everybody is using the internet these days and for those who don't know the basic way that it all connects together, here is a short distilled version and enough knowledge to get you started building your own Web Page.

People buy domain names and with that, they ensure a unique address that others can use to search for their website. For example "" is a domain name. Besides owning a domain, you need also a place to store all your data and multimedia files that are displayed on the web page. Web Page data is stored onto servers, which are also computers but their only purpose is to HOST your data, and share it with the world, making it available all the time and as quick as possible. So you are probably getting the point - you will need to use a Hosting Company to host your Web Site.

When everything is set up, users will look for your website trough the address bar of their browser or a search engine like Google. When they find the website, the browser sends a request to the server, asking for all the files that are necessary to display the website to the user and when fully loaded, the website code executes and displays the homepage to the client.

Ingredients for Building a Web Site

In the previous section, we looked at how the internet is designed to serve content to the users. If you already have or plan to buy a domain and hosting services, will have a real website, but if you just want to practice, or test more often like most web developers do. They perform frequent tests to preview changes, and you can do the same, you can install a Local Server like WAMP or XAMPP. This is a piece of software that is simulating a server and allowing you to preview your web page without uploading it to the internet.You will also need some basics in HTML , CSS and JavaScript and in a short time, you can have your web page come to life.

Also consider tools that are easily available, like Bootstrap framework, or using a CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress. If you're not that much interested in learning computer technologies, you can use the mentioned and similar tools to get a good looking website in the shortest amount of time, but if you can spend some time experimenting with different technologies you can learn a lot.


Concluding Thoughts

Web Development is a great point to start your program developing journey because it is visual in nature, and you can have some relatively fast and easy results. Build you own practice website to learn more about web programming.

  1. Get some basic understanding at how web pages are served to the user trough the internet.
  2. Set up an environment in which you can test and preview your web page locally on your own computer by installing a Local Server.
  3. Create a folder that will contain your entire website and place it an appropriate place determined by your local server
  4. Learn some basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript(you can use tutorials at and start building your website.


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