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Frustration Over Internet connection issues

Updated on January 21, 2012

Frustrating times when one needs the internet!

Have you ever experienced problems with your internet connection? It could be because of a problem with your router, modem or just because the server is slow. These can be normal problems.

However, it does get frustrating when you have to use the internet for research, homework, exams, or just to get your work sent to someone via email. I have experienced these problems so many times that sometimes I think instead of using wireless to get things done, it is easier to be plugged into the router. Let me give you an example of what happened.

Last evening, my husband and I were working separately on our laptops. The internet connection, which is usually pretty fast, was working at a much slower rate. It was working closer to dial up rates. So, like we were supposed to, we unplugged both modem and router and left them unplugged for a few minutes. We then put the plugs back in and waited for the blinking lights on. On seeing these lights, we then restarted our computers and waited for the modem and router to reset themselves. It worked. We were able to connect to the internet and went about finishing up our work.

However, this morning, the internet was down again. So we did the exact same procedures we did last night without any luck. So we called our internet provider who told us to do the same things. That didn't work. Since I really had to finish up my work by a certain time today, I tried plugging in the ethernet cable to the computer. That worked, and I was finally able to get my work done.

Later this afternoon, I tried to check my email. I was expecting an important email from a professor and didn't want to miss it. I had the same exact problems. This time, I was unable to connect even with the ethernet cable. So I unplugged both modem and router for a few minutes, and then plugged them back into the wall. However, this time, I had no luck. Nothing was working. I was getting very frustrated. I had to check this email. How was that going to happen?

My husband tried to plug in his computer and it worked. What was going on? A few minutes later, the internet connection just died again. We were both stumped. Not being savvy with how to work things when it comes to internet connections, firewalls, and adapters, we thought for a few minutes.

Then my husband was playing around with his computer trying to diagnose any problems with internet connectivity. It didn't show up that anything was wrong. So just for fun, he tried to reset the connection and make a new name for our router. Guess what? It worked. I hope this works for a long time now. We have had our internet connection since August and it was working fine until last evening.

If you have any money saving tips or tips to prevent this from happening again, please feel free to comment. Any other comments and ideas are welcomed!


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