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Fueling efficiency on the farm

Updated on February 12, 2014
This is an example of a portable fuel trailer. Pictured here is a Traveler 20 Manual.
This is an example of a portable fuel trailer. Pictured here is a Traveler 20 Manual.

Working in the Field Can Be Tough

Working in the agricultural industry can be pretty taxing to say the least since a farmer tends to work long hours to ensure that his or her farm turns a profit. That's why advancements in technology in relation to equipment, machinery, and farming techniques are made almost every day to make the work that farmers have to do easier. To help with a farmer's fueling needs, there's a new piece of equipment now available called a portable fuel trailer. Recently developed within the last two years, it simply makes refueling equipment and other machinery easy.

Shown here are fuel trailer fuel tanks.
Shown here are fuel trailer fuel tanks.

What is a fuel trailer?

A fuel is a piece of equipment that is a portable fueling solution, allowing you take fuel wherever you may need it. It’s similar to large fuel haulers, but, is scaled down and consists of three main components:

  1. Fuel Tank - This is where the fuel is stored, obviously, and can come in a variety of sizes. Some fuel tanks can store as little as 20 gallons of fuel while others can store up to 110 gallons of fuel, even more. Typically, the tank will be crafted from sturdy, non-rusting metal.

  2. Fueling components - This consists of fueling set-up much like you would find at a gas station with a fuel nozzle, pump, and hose. The fuel pump itself can either be electric or manual.

  3. Trailer - This is what makes a fuel trailer mobile and much like a trailer you find on the road, the components used to build one for fuel trailers is pretty similar. If it's built right, one will have forged frame from one piece of metal instead of separate channels and pieces, torsion axles with easy lube hubs are over-rated to compensate for optional upgrades or equipment, sharp-looking polished aluminum wheels, radial E-rated tires for long life wear, and other high quality components such LED lighting, auto-charging trailer wiring, and removable tongues.

Another fuel trailer option. Pictured here is the Contractor 55 Manual.
Another fuel trailer option. Pictured here is the Contractor 55 Manual.

Why a fuel trailer makes fueling easy

There are so many arguments for why a fuel trailer is helpful on a farm. For starters, it lets you take fuel wherever you might need it given that it’s portable. For example, maybe a common problem that you’ve been running into with your farmhands is that they run out of fuel when they’re in the field. This results in a lot of down time since they have to run back to the main fuel storage tank at your farm to get fuel, return to the field with a five gallon gas tank to get their equipment running again, make another trip back to the main fuel tank at your farm to get it fueled up all the way, and then head back to the field to finish what they were doing. Even explaining that whole scenario is a long process so having to do it obviously takes a lot of time. However, if you have a fuel trailer, you can eliminate most of those steps by bringing it out to the field to get the equipment quickly refueled so your farmhands can get back to work, thus, avoiding all of the down time.

Another argument for why having a fuel trailer is helpful on a farm is due to the fact that it allows you to always have access to fuel when you need it. For instance, maybe you need to work in a field that is quite a ways away from your main farm where your main fuel storage tank is located and you don’t feel like lugging out a bunch of five gallon plastic containers to ensure you have enough fuel to get the job done. Well, in this situation, one would be very convenient since you could bring a fuel tank trailer with you to that field, hauling it behind your vehicle. By having one, you don’t have to worry about using those five gallon plastic containers.

Another fuel tank trailer option from Gas Trailer.
Another fuel tank trailer option from Gas Trailer.

A Variety of Options

With fuel trailers, there are a variety of options to pick from. Some have different sized fuel tanks, some will have manual or electric fuel pumps (which was already mentioned), others might come equipped with a fuel transfer system, and there are some that might be paired with a generator.

One place to start your fuel trailer search is at Gas Trailer. Not only can you see what the company has available online, but you could also see one in person by visiting their dealer locater page to find a dealer in your area.

When you're looking for one, make sure that you really research what's available so you get the best possible value for the money that you pay.

How To Get The Right One

When purchasing a fuel trailer, it’s imperative that you take some things into consideration before you actual get one. Why you ask? Reason being, you want to make sure you get the appropriate one to match your fueling needs since if you don’t, you’ll end up being disappointed with your purchase. So, to avoid that, here are some of those things to consider:

  • How often you’ll use it - Figuring out how often you use it will help you decide how big of a fuel trailer to purchase. For instance, if you plan on using it a lot, then it would be a good idea to get one that has a larger fuel storage capacity.

  • How much time do you want to save - You might think that this is a weird one to consider, but it's not. Why? Because, if you really are looking to save time, there are even more ways you can do it in relationship to fueling with a fuel trailer. For example, you can cut down on how long it takes to fuel a piece of equipment even more if you get one that has an electric fuel pump compared to one that has a manual one. So, it's something to think about when getting one.

  • Your budget - By determining your budget, you can figure out the exact amount of money you can spend on the one you get. By heading into your purchase with this in place, you can maximize the money you spend in relationship to add-ons and upgrades.

The inner workings of a fuel trailer.
The inner workings of a fuel trailer.

Different Applications

Not only is a fuel trailer a good choice for using on a farm, but it’s also a solid option for using in other scenarios where fuel may be required. Some of those scenarios include:

  • Snowmobiling and four-wheeling – Hitting the trails for a joyride is always a good time, yet, making that stop to the gas station every time before you go can be a little time consuming. So, to give yourself more time on the trails, bring a gas trailer with you to fuel up and go.

  • Boating – Instead of waiting around at the docks for the fuel attendant to fuel you up, you can do it yourself using a portable fuel trailer.

  • At an equipment rental business – To ensure that your equipment is always fueled up for customers, gas from a gas trailer can be used.

  • When you're camping or hunting - Nothing is worse than being in the middle of nowhere without fuel, which won't happen when you bring this portable fuel solution with you.

Don't Wait

If you’re thinking that a fuel trailer is something you want to invest in for your farm, don’t wait to actually do it since the longer you wait, the more work time you’re going to waste having to make those long impromptu fuel runs. Basically, make the decision as soon as you can due to the fact that it will make refueling equipment and other machinery easy on your farm.


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