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Fun Things To Do With Old PC or Laptop

Updated on May 8, 2010

Most of us have the old family computer, old outdated laptop lying around somewhere in the house. Over the years it has done nothing but collect dust in the garage, attic, cellar wherever.

So why not put it to use and make that "useless" machine more useful. Further done there is a list of things you can actually do with that old PC instead of letting it sit there, so enough of me rambling on, lets get to the interesting bits.

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Linux or Mac OS

Have you ever wanted to see what Linux, Ubuntu are about but haven't really got to that? Then why not install Linux or some other free operating system onto you old PC. This should be fun for you and you might come to like Linux or whatever it is you're trying to install.

Even better and personally my favourite, install Mac OS X on the machine, now ofcourse becuase it is old it won't run to well and might not even run at all. Yes it is not "really" possible to install Mac OS on a PC or is it. :), here is a small tutorial to do so if you interested in that option

Remember that Linux and most Windows/Mac OS alternative OS's are free.

Big "Digital" Photo Frame

Why let that monitor go to waste when there is so much use for it. You can export all your favorite photos to your old computer. "Remember though that it is old so keep a backup somewhere else". You can leave the computer on a constant slide show displaying all you memorable moments.

Second Display

I'm sure the display cable for the old monitor is still attached right? If so lets use it as a second display monitor for our current PC. Where the cable would attach to the old PC Box/Tower/Body plug that nice little cable into your laptop or computer. You should not have a "widescreen" display of sorts. You can fiddle around with the resolutions, this works best if the screen sizes are similar or the same.

This can really free up space when you have a lot of windows and applications open at one time. It makes it easier to view all the icons you that "desktop icon clutter".

Donate or Recycle

This is the best thing to do if you don't want to keep the old thing lying around. A little bit of "Googling" and you should find a couple of organizations willing to take it at no cost. Some oraganizations just donate the machines to people without inneed and some actually safely recycle them.

This way they do not just land up in the garbage or some dusty corner of some storage area.

Search or Destroy

Another fun thing to do is to take it apart with a screw driver or two and explore the guts of the machine. You will find it quite simple to achieve. You may want to do this and then take rebuild it all over again or just leave it in pieces.

Or the fun thing...You can destroy it but doing who knows what to it. Baseball bat, dropping, kicking, punching whatever you please just remember to clean up the mess and recycle it at the appropriate place and not just throw away the smithereens you have created.


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