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Functions of Windows Operating Systems Task Manager

Updated on January 4, 2010

Windows Task Manager Application Tab

Functions of Operating System Task Manager

Windows operating system provide the platform through which computer hardware communicate with the supplication software. All application programs like MS WORD reside on Windows Operating System like the Microsoft Window Vista. Without the System be it Windows or non Windows like Linux, there is no communication between hardware and application software that would take place

Microsoft Operating System has seen the most improvement over the years starting from Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Windows NT (New Technology), 2000, 2000 professional, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Window Vista and lately the Microsoft Windows 7

What are the primary functions of Windows Operating Systems

These are the daily routine that windows operating system does to keep the system functioning without any problem, and how to performs these functions

Windows Task Manager Processes Tab

Windows Task Manager Services Tab

Windows Task Manager Performance Tab

Windows Task Manager Networkin Tabs

Window Task Manager

  1. Task manager

Windows operating system uses task manager to monitor application and task running on windows; with this the OS (Operating System) provides the users or administrator with information of all application and process running. When you opened up any program i.e. calculator, word their status will be shown on the Application Tab of the Task Manager. With application running you are able to perform the following functions as a user 1) End a running task, 2) Switch to another task, 3) Open new task.

The following functions of OS Task manager is the process, here all the running executable process are shown and the information available from the Task Manger Process includes Image Name – The name of the process itself, User Name – The User utilizing this process and more so they are other programs running.

CPU usage - it also indicates the CPU usage of the process running as well as the memory Usage. Lastly it shows the description of the process in full. As a user you are able to check all processes from all users running, you have the ability to end any process you like. The task manager window is shown below

Services – in services section of the windows task bar you are able to services that have been performed or are being performed by the Operating system at the moment. It also describes what kind of a service is being performed whether application services, system services etc. While on the service tab click on the services with the icon, this will opens the local service window as shown below. On the service tab you are also able to see the status of the program running, either stopped or running. Service tab is also able to provide you with the group in which the running program falls i.e. bthsvcs, LocalService etc

Performance - Click on the performance tab on the windows task manager, this gives the graphical usage of both the CPU and memory as shown. It shows the physical memory usage, the total available physical memory, cached memory and the free memory available for usage. Other than the physical memory you are also able to see the total kernel memory available, total paged memory and the non paged memory. While still on the system performance you are able to see Handles, Threads, Processes Up Time and Page File. Click on the Resource Monitor tab below the system to see Resources Overview

Networking – it is a graphical representation on the network resource usage by the Computer. It shows the local Area Connection usage and Wireless Network Connection usage. The networking tab gives you the following information adapter Name, Network Utilization, Link and the status of the network whether connected or disconnected

Users - this gives the users who are either logged in and are either active or inactive. While on this tab you can disconnect or logoff from the computer

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