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Funny Cat Memes and Pictures About Cat Behavior

Updated on March 19, 2014

According to many, the internet was invented so we could exchange funny cat pictures. Cats capture our heart with their mysterious behavior, their cute antics and their sinister side. If you are looking for cute and funny cat pictures, then look no further.

Note: All memes are created by LCDWriter using public domain pictures. Source credits for each picture accompany the meme.

  • Picture 1: Revenge of the Cute Cat

There's no doubt about it, kittens are some of the cutest creatures on earth. One little look melts even the hardest heart. You suddenly find yourself adopting a furry little creature to take home. But watch out; they will definitely use that weapon of cuteness against you.

Attack cat meme
Attack cat meme | Source
  • Picture 2: Stealth Mode

Cats definitely have a mysterious and dark side that we are all a little afraid of. They can hide in dark spaces and pounce when we least expect. Dogs of all sizes have been known to be completely cowering when the family cat walks through the room. What mysterious powers give them the ability to use those 10 pounds to command all of us to do their will?

Sinister cat meme.  Source:
Sinister cat meme. Source: | Source
  • Picture 3: The Collar of Shame

No pet likes to wear the collar of shame but it is sometimes necessary if they have certain medical conditions or obsessively bite or lick themselves. Wouldn't it be a little less hard to bear if it were a real Elizabethan collar complete with ruffles and lace?

Collars of Shame go way back. Picture Source:
Collars of Shame go way back. Picture Source: | Source
  • Picture 4: Snow and Cats Don't Mix

This cat looks more than a little miffed that it he is out in the wet and cold snow. It probably seemed like a good idea but as he has discovered, spring just doesn't seem to be around the corner. No doubt it will take awhile to thaw out those frosty paws.

Cat wants warm weather meme.  Source:
Cat wants warm weather meme. Source: | Source
  • Picture 5: Humans Are Not As Funny As They Think They Are

Sometimes it's just a little too funny to tease and play with a cat. If you've ever seen a cat chasing a laser pointer, they can literally spend hours trying to capture that elusive dot. But what if a cat finally realized it was all a ruse. They would likely storm off in anger the way this cat has done.

Cat tired of not catching the laser pointer.  Source:
Cat tired of not catching the laser pointer. Source: | Source
  • Picture 6: Cats Can't Fight Instinct

Cats have a natural hunting instinct that they just can't squash. So if they see a mouse, squirrel or bird, they are going to go for it and sometimes they are going to succeed. Maybe it's just survival of the fittest?

Cat ate the canary.  Source:
Cat ate the canary. Source: | Source
  • Picture 7: Black Cats Aren't Bad Luck

All cats can sometimes give you a look that makes you wonder if they are up to no good. But the lure of a cat is irresistible so you might as well not even try. It will win you over in the end--even this lucky black beauty.

Dark Cat.  Source:
Dark Cat. Source: | Source
  • Picture 8: Spy Cat

Cats are naturally both social and curious so they follow us everywhere, even in the bathroom. You may never get privacy again once you become a pet owner but that's okay. Your cat's not going to tell anyone.

Cats watch us.  Source:
Cats watch us. Source: | Source
  • Picture 9: The Party Animal

Some cats were just born to party and it looks like this cat is among them. If you've ever wondered what your cat does all night while you're sleeping, well, now you know. I bet he's going to be a bit sore in the morning.

Cats are party animals.  Source:
Cats are party animals. Source: | Source

What are your favorite kind of cat internet media?

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Why Are Cats So Popular On The Internet?

Cats, cat pictures and cat videos seem to dominate the casual internet user's time. Cats are everywhere. But why?

According to PBS Blogger Terri Thornton, there are several reasons that cats have captured millions of people's interest.

Cats have fascinated humans since their early domestication. Ancient Egyptians loved them so much that they believed they had deity-like powers and created art and mummies that celebrated them.

According to Buzz Feed's Jack Shepherd, we are also fascinated by cat's natural coolness. Their aloof natures allow us to project emotions and feelings onto them. Plus, they really do seem to have it a little better than us.

Ben Huh of the "I Can Haz A Cheeseburger" website points out that with the internet we can finally "walk our cats," if only virtually. We can show them off, laugh at them and be in awe of the many facets of their personalities.

The cats on the internet phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. We love our Grumpy Cats, Ceiling Cats and Monorail cats. And just like the Ancient Egyptians, we worship them just a little as well.

For further reading on the popularity of cats on the internet:


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    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      6 years ago from Central Florida

      Cats certainly are full of personality. I have one that races through the house at least twice a day chasing something only she sees. She'll race down the hall then do a flying leap in the middle of the living room than zoom back down the hall. She's a trip to watch.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      6 years ago from Orange, Texas

      I can relate to every photo in this hub - I have 4 cats and everyone of them has or has had the attitudes you so aptly portrayed. I think one of the lures of cats is that you never quite figure them out. Just when you think you do, they surprise you.

      Well done and voted up!

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 

      6 years ago from India

      LOL!! Just couldn't stop laughing all the way through. Thanks for the wonderful hub :)


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