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Funny Computer Errors

Updated on April 19, 2016

Funny Computer Errors

If you've ever used a computer before, you're already aware that computers often don't behave like they're expected to. Come to think of it, you'd probably be fairly lucky to make it through an entire computer-based activity without at least one issue.

The truth is that we've become so accustomed to computer errors that we've really just grown to expect them as part of our normal routine. And when they pop up, we either just ignore them, try and decipher them, or just close them out hoping to not lose what we're working on.

Among all the computer errors though, we occasionally come across an error or glitch that's impossible to ignore. These funny error messages are just too stupid to overlook - and worth passing around on the internet.

Computer Error Reactions

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Here are some examples of funny computer errors:

The Computer Was Speechless

As you can see, this computer was so messed up, all it knew was that it had some sort of error. It didn't even know what to say!

DVD Drive Icon Fail

Can you notice what's wrong in this picture? This is another great example of a funny computer error, compliments of Microsoft Windows.

More Errors

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