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Funny Facebook Activities and Interests to Add to Your Profile

Updated on October 27, 2013

Do you ever look through your friends' profiles to find that they have some of the craziest things listed under their activities and interests? Want to have some of your own?

Keep your Facebook profile fun and engaging with some crazy, fun, and weird activities and interests! Not only will it put a smile on your face every time you go over your profile information to see if it needs any tweaking, but it'll also put a few grins (or confused expressions at least) on everyone else's!

NOTE: All activities and interests listed here have Facebook pages already made for them, so have fun enjoying your new found likes with others!

Being a Badass

  • Kicking in doors and blowing sh*t up.
  • Getting sent to your room, and yelling "Thug Life"
  • Doing what the f*ck I want.
  • Jaywalking.
  • I feel bad when someone punches my abs and their knuckles break.
  • When your BS is so legit, you even believe yourself

Your older family members may or may not assume this is your daily life.
Your older family members may or may not assume this is your daily life.

For the Party Animal

  • Not smoking meth.
  • Drinking until I'm someone else's problem.
  • Having a good time all the time.
  • snorting coke with €500 bills backstage at chanel.
  • Having heart to heart conversations when you're drunk.
  • Realizing how drunk you are when alone on the toilet.

All About Music

  • Not listening to Nickleback.
  • Getting kicked out of a Wiggles concert for starting a wall of death.
  • Crying naked in the bathroom listening to Adele.
  • Yelling "REEEEEMIIIIIIX!" when the CD skips.
  • Selling your Air Guitar on eBay.


  • Tapping my pencil on the desk and annoying the teacher.
  • Slowly dying when the teacher picks the slow reader.
  • Not doing your homework because you're homeless.
  • Taking off your hall monitor sash after a long hard day of being a BOSS.
  • "Are you going to school tomorrow?" "No, I'm riding my unicorn to Alaska."
  • Dropping out of school to pursue the thug life.
  • Pretending to think hard when your teacher is looking at you.

Family & Friends

  • My parents have called me by the wrong name.
  • Parents call it "Back Talk. We call it "explaining why they're wrong".
  • Boy: "Grandma, have you seen my pills? They were labeled LSD." Grandma: "F*ck the pills, have you see the dragons in the kitchen?"
  • That one friend we all have who will get naked for no reason.
  • Punching your best friend in the face 'cause you love them that much.


In the Kitchen

  • Stabbing the sh*t out of a microwave meal when it says "pierce several times".
  • Dear Pringles, I cannot fit my hand inside your tube of deliciousness.
  • Forget twist ties, spin the bag and tuck it under the loaf of bread.
  • That moment of joy when you see your food coming in a restaurant.
  • Long, romantic walks to the fridge.
  • I laugh at guys who work at Subway because they have to make me a sandwich.
  • Being so hungry that your stomach starts playing dubstep.


  • Making unnecessary sounds when you're bored.
  • Saying "or not" when people do the complete opposite of what you just said.
  • Dropping out of society to live in the wilderness as a unicorn.
  • Tripping in your dream then having a spaz attack in your bed.
  • Not giving your ex directions, because all dogs find their way home.
  • Hearing noises when home alone and just accepting the fact you're gonna die.


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    • profile image

      thato khiba 5 years ago

      just do it

    • Gulf Coast Sun profile image

      Gulf Coast Sun 5 years ago from Gulf of Mexico

      I got a kick out of your article and found it over and above my line of thinking, doing, and reacting [ it's the age thingy], but I do have favorites: When your BS is so legit, you even believe yourself; Crying naked in the bathroom listening to Adele; ~ AND MY FAVORITE 'cause I'm an old hippie and can relate :) ~ Boy: "Grandma, have you seen my pills? They were labeled LSD." Grandma: "F*ck the pills, have you see the dragons in the kitchen?" So thumbs up for making me laugh over my morning coffee. Love your humor

    • profile image

      No1 5 years ago

      Hahaha! I love these!