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Funny Facebook Drama Quotes

Updated on May 10, 2013

Facebook Drama Quotes

Leave the drama on Facebook and the Hashtags for Twitter!
Leave the drama on Facebook and the Hashtags for Twitter!
Facebook should have the drama queen award; I know a few that would be in the top ten.
Facebook should have the drama queen award; I know a few that would be in the top ten.
Because of Facebook....a generation of kids is not going to understand that the drama is supposed to be left between your mom and dad.
Because of Facebook....a generation of kids is not going to understand that the drama is supposed to be left between your mom and dad. | Source

Funny Drama Quotes

Our life and Facebook both are full of drama people around us, believe me, there is nothing to worry about these drama girls and guys. Just mind your own business and enjoy this latest series of Facebook funny drama quotes and sayings.

Good Drama Quotes:

  1. Facebook is a place where people post pics of food claiming they made it when they know damn well it's just a TV dinner pic.
  2. Facebook is the only platform where you will find hoes call out hoes when they should be calling out themselves.
  3. Facebook is a place where people claim they are real when really they are faker than Pamela Anderson's body.
  4. I'm married, I'm almost 22 and I don't need the drama on Facebook and I don't get the thrill out of it. So with that being said if you want drama, go find it with someone else!
  5. Facebook is a place where girls post pics wearing almost nothing trying to get as many likes as they can and they call guys desperate when they are the ones looking desperate in the first place!
  6. Seriously leave me alone there's nothing on my Facebook that is about you until this status I have forgotten and most of the memories so stop trying to start drama. Don’t you have responsibilities to be taking care of other than worrying about my life?
  7. I am going to be deleting my Facebook and selling my phone if you need just come by the house because I am Tired of all this drama.
  8. My life story doesn't belong on Facebook; I'm not into arguing over Facebook or text I'm more of a face to face type person. So now I won't post stuff about anyone on Facebook and now I won't argue or talk about you!
  9. If anyone ever reads this, I don’t have friends on here because Facebook is boring when its just drama with people so I made one to follow pages because it really that’s what Facebook is fun for.
  10. Guess Facebook could make problems for no one but if you take what I say seriously where it shouldn't be a problem at all, and then you may well delete and block me.
  11. I hate drama and Facebook; it got a lot of drama. It’s crazy how people can say one thing but get a whole different interpretation in their head about another.
  12. There's an extra amount of drama on the Facebook every time.
  13. You post all of your useless drama life on the Facebook and then get disappointed when people truly get you. I guess, you must be an extraordinary breed of stupid.
  14. Some people really need to cool it with the drama on Facebook, like getting on Pinterest, have a damn patience, and calm your brain! Seriously, it’s annoying the rest of us.
  15. If you want drama, watch a damn soap opera; but don't bring your dirty laundry to Facebook, or so I believe anyway!
  16. One thing I learned from my previous relationship was to keep friends, family, and most of all Facebook out of it. It causes so much unnecessary drama.
  17. I just looked through the people Facebook thinks I should be friends with. The first seven were people I cannot stand and it just went downhill from there.
  18. It's honestly has been months since I've posted a status on here. It’s pretty much to have a Facebook account, now you have to post statuses about people and start drama or else it isn't Facebook!

Funny Drama Meme qutes

I swear it's another new gang, rap group, and drama every time I log on the Facebook.
I swear it's another new gang, rap group, and drama every time I log on the Facebook.
I feel like Facebook should have a breathalyzer before logging in.
I feel like Facebook should have a breathalyzer before logging in.
Starting drama on Facebook is like eating cereal with a fork over a spoon.
Starting drama on Facebook is like eating cereal with a fork over a spoon.

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More Funny Drama Quotes

  • I just wish girls could stop adding me on Facebook because I am about to getting married next month.
  • People that use Facebook as their source of drama crack me up! Especially when they comment something to justify or explain their actions!
  • I finally logged into my Facebook after a week so I can see what’s new. And I realized that nothing is new. It's the same old nonsense stuff here; my news feed is full of deceit sand dumb drama
  • If you don't like the things that I post, say, or share on my Facebook page feel free to delete me! No one is forcing you to be my friend! I'm not going to change the way I think or feel just because how I feel offended you.
  • I continue to be amazed by the things people post without any thought or concern over the possible consequences.
  • Today my drama queen girlfriend blocked me from her Facebook, because she couldn't take the heat. That’s part of life. If you can't take it then shut up, or you shouldn't post a drama for the world to see. If you think that was easy, wait till you get out into the real world.
  • There's nothing more that I dislike is the Facebook drama if that's all you have don't even bother contacting than me leave me out of it.
  • To everyone that has something to say about a person on Facebook why not tag the person in it instead of talking crap and not saying who you talking about.
  • It's really weird when a person who's already graduated from high school comes back and gets involved with high school drama and puts it on Facebook.
  • For all the people who make statuses that cause drama, arguments, complaining and crying and looking for stupid un0needed attention. I'm deleting you.
  • All you can do is run your mouth on the Facebook because you are too scared to say anything to my face or anyone else for that matter,
  • To the people who are creating drama and keep talking about me on the Facebook: keep talking about me, you are making me famous!
  • Sorry but if I don't know you personally, I will not add you because I'm bettering my life I don't need drama, haters, fake accounts or stalkers trying to get in my way!
  • I think I'm going to create a website for people to go and post all of their drama on, so they can keep it off of Facebook.
  • When people write statuses about me I may see them but I don't write about them because I'm not in love with drama like you.
  • Get your little kid drama off Facebook. Stop trying to get attention. No one cares that you got your feelings hurt. Shut up and act your age.


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    • profile image

      Jessica Husar 

      5 years ago

      I never knew stating facts was considered causing drama... I guess people nowadays can't handle the truth... So sad how the people in society are so ignorant and live in a fantasy where they love rainbows and play with unicorns.

    • Quoteslover profile imageAUTHOR

      Quotes Lover 

      5 years ago

      I agree with you, you really jump into the depth.

    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 

      5 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      I think you are onto something. When the economy begins to change, trust me, Facebook will fade like so many other things. I believe it is a sign that people have too much time on their hands. Think of what could be done productive if all of that drama, opinion, political nonsense and the rest was absent. Everything regresses to the mean. This was an interesting viewpoint and at 22, I think you know what is important. Nice.


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